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  1. K

    INTRO Greetings Fastlaners

    AgainstAllOdds, yes I am in Phnom Penh. Well, I've been in the life insurance industry in the last 8 years, involving in training and sales distribution. At this point I'm exploring what to do really. How about you? Where are you from and what are you into?
  2. K

    INTRO Greetings Fastlaners

    When was that? I believe there are a lot of opportunities now. You should come visit again.
  3. K

    INTRO Greetings Fastlaners

    Hi All, my name is KK from Cambodia. In my search for riches, I came across The Millionaire Fastlane, a book that I couldn't put down. I'm fascinated by the concept of Fastlane businesses, but somehow are still limited by my past experience and capabilities. I've been in Corporate Training and...

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