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  1. Guidance on leads through Linkedin/mailchimp

    Gurus, We provide professional IT Services. After getting the necessary certifications and partnership with Niche tool company, I am connecting related staff through Linkedin, emails. I have an open rate of emails about 30% ,but I sell service only which we offer. I am also able to connect...
  2. Staying smart without wasting time

    All, Sometimes staying up to date , staying informed helps. It shows you are smart, educated and interesting! I don't have TV but do waste time on the internet on news sites, financial sites, and business sites. It's something nice to have but is not real action. How do you stay upto date...
  3. Patent question

    Thank you for the link and input!
  4. Patent question

    Just curious - if 2 similar software applications exists and the one creating the application 'later' files the patent and approved and first guy does not. In any dispute who wins?
  5. Awesome collection of advice,motivation for Entrepreneurs!

    It's never too late to become independent.
  6. Help needed for Employee Compliance Training Materiel

    Does anybody has Employee Compliance Training Materiel? It's needed to apply a Technology partnership. It needs to cover: compliance-related code, procedure or policy relating to anticorruption compliance, business ethics, legal compliance, travel and expense, or related topics Appreciate any...
  7. What business would you pursue if you have 100K to invest?

    Same question here- is retail store that good? What about managing employees, inventory etc. ?
  8. What business would you pursue if you have 100K to invest?

    Thank you!! Any sources - where to look for? I am sorry , I have never explored E commerce stores
  9. What business would you pursue if you have 100K to invest?

    What will be your choice of business if you have 100K. 1) It should generate good enough returns with some learning. 2) Risk should not be huge - but some level of risk is acceptable. - It may not be stocks/mutual funds though.. Please share your thoughts!!
  10. 12 Week Year - Any Fastlaners using it?

    I have read the book. Your summary is really good! Books becomes repetitive though. I am willing to commit for 15-30 min weekly call. Please let me know if I need to PM Skype.
  11. Marketing guidance

    Since they were my previous clients - I just emailed. Since I got no response - looks like I need better plan. Any suggestions ?
  12. Marketing guidance

    Thank you jpanarra! I tried to reach out but no response yet! Will try to reach out to more contacts!
  13. Marketing guidance

    Hi All, I have an app ready (not android or iOS) in a niche platform(#1 tool in its Category used by Fortune 100 to smaller companies) Clients will be normally companies who have some presence of IT in their company. My goal is sell the app free or paid but eventually get some client...
  14. GOLD! I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    Read it, listened it , loved it! Time to act!!
  15. GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read it, listened it , loved it! Time to act!!
  16. INTRO Intro from an IT Guy

    Hi All! I have been lurking around for quite sometime on Fastlane and decided to take it seriously after being wannapreneur for long time.I read TMF and Unscripted already! Thank you MJ for writing such life changing books and starting this Forum. This Forum is the best form ever I have ever...
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