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  1. The Patriot Way

    Question about network effects with new social media/job board platform

    Hi all, I haven't been here in a while due to [insert excuses here]. Unfortunately I've wasted a lot of time on developing what should have been an MVP, but I'm a perfectionist and spent a ton of time and money developing a potential SaaS platform. To be honest, I don't have any hard evidence...
  2. The Patriot Way

    O/T: HEALTH Transcendental Meditation Course, Good or Gurudom?

    @SinisterLex Thank you for all your insights thus far, it's an eye-opener watching you deconstruct guru tactics. In kind of the same vein, I was wondering if you may have any thoughts on or experiences with Transcendental Meditation? There's a lot of conflicting research, info, and criticism out...
  3. The Patriot Way

    INTRO Hi, my name is Matt and I'm a Slowlaner.

    Not really sure how this whole introduction post is supposed to go, but pretty sure it should be brief. I'm naturally long-winded, but here goes. I'm 36, live in LA, and work at a movie studio staring at a computer screen all day. A nutless monkey could do my job. Read Four-Hour Work Week about...

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