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  1. ChrisR

    GOLD! Achieve Laser FOCUS + PRODUCTIVITY With The System Legendary Fastlaners Use...

    Has anyone used Notion for this? A good buddy suggested it over Trello. Looked into it and it does look very nice. Thoughts?
  2. ChrisR

    NOTABLE! Unpopular Opinion: "Give Value for Free" is Bullshit More Often Than Not

    Another good example of this is Sees Candy. No one who walks in there for a free sample leaves without purchased goods.
  3. ChrisR

    HOT TOPIC Dealing with a farting dog (Idea? Opportunity?)

    My dogs fart like crazy. My house seriously smells like fart all the time because of them.
  4. ChrisR

    GOLD! Think big and then think bigger than that.

    I agree with GPM. You can ignore me too if you'd like...
  5. ChrisR

    GOLD! Think big and then think bigger than that.

    You can... At the bottom left of each post you click "Bookmark".
  6. ChrisR

    HOT TOPIC Why should I have kids?

    My wife and I feel the same way which is why I got a vasectomy not too long ago. We have three dogs that make us really happy. If you don't want kids then don't have em. This is one of the dumbest comments I've ever read, no offense... Haha!
  7. ChrisR

    GOLD! Think big and then think bigger than that.

    Thanks Kyle. I'll definitely go back and re-read the original post. I'm also going to go through this whole thread again because I probably missed some things. There is definitely a lot of great info in here.
  8. ChrisR

    GOLD! Think big and then think bigger than that.

    What if the founders have no track record and the business isn't even started yet? How do those people get their ideas funded? That makes sense. I hadn't thought about those types of businesses like that. Awesome post dude! All of that makes a lot of sense. Rep+
  9. ChrisR

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz Just started it but I like it so far.
  10. ChrisR

    GOLD! Think big and then think bigger than that.

    I read recently (entrepreneur magazine) that VC firms typically won't even bother with conventional ideas no matter how big they are. That most if not all VC's only want to deal with the next facebook or amazon types of ideas even if it's more risky but may have a bigger pay off. What if...
  11. ChrisR

    HOT TOPIC The Luxury Strategy

    I don't care what "they" say. If you actually believe that statement, I was right when I said you know little about cars. Furthermore, if you think a car that practically drives itself is a drivers car, you should probably just stop commenting on the subject. You CLEARLY have no clue what...
  12. ChrisR

    HOT TOPIC The worst book I ever read was..

    I totally agree. It was easily the worst book I've ever read. Absolute garbage.
  13. ChrisR

    HOT TOPIC Grant Cardone, Alex Becker, Gary Vaynerchuck

    Gary V is a piece of shit. I do like the other two though.
  14. ChrisR

    HOT TOPIC The Luxury Strategy

    And yet that great handling Ferrari uses Corvette suspension... Ferrari to use Corvette-derived suspension on 599 GTB Fiorano Your Corvette statement shows how little you know about cars. Also, you're insane if you think a Ferrari is anymore a "driver's car" than a Lamborghini. Neither are...
  15. ChrisR

    INTRO 23 year old Dutch men! :-)

    I see a thread about young Dutch men and I'm in! Sadly it's not what I thought...
  16. ChrisR

    HOT TOPIC How deep does this "FAKE GURU" market actually go?

    I'm with ya, I can't stand this guy. He just seems totally inauthentic and acts totally different depending on who's interviewing him.

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