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  1. OFF-TOPIC Show us your pet(s) !

    My old cat Bob! What a special guy. I think he was an abuse victim, and he never got 100% comfortable with people, but we had some good times before he passed away about 2 years ago.
  2. EXECUTION Starting my journey

    I decided that bypassing learning to build a website is worthwile for me in this case. I would be able to build a static page or even a shop, but not an interactive like I imagine will be beneficial. I have a detailed plan of all features of the site and have hired a developer to do it for me...
  3. EXECUTION Starting my journey

    Well i've decided to stick with wordpress. I mean there are thousands of plugins, and I will probably need to experiment with some of those :)
  4. EXECUTION advice needed

    Lots of questions that most people here wont be able to answer. The nice thing about consulting, even though its not a fastlane business as a single person, is you can literally call any company and pitch them improved security. If they say yes, you can meet them and agree on a detailed plan...
  5. EXECUTION Starting my journey

    One week has passed. I'll summarize my main achievements so far: -Made a solid business plan, with room for both magnitude AND quantity scalibility. The focus of the site is 100% convenience. -Learned how to get a domain, and bought one. -Set up a backend system for my website. I discovered...
  6. GOLD! I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    Finished it today! What an inspiration!
  7. EXECUTION Starting my journey

    After collecting a series of 10 potential ideas that i deem i could have done, i have narrowed my choice down to 2 good candidates, and one which im going to start executing on staring today. My journey finally starts. Im motivated to get this thing going, and disrupt the marketspace Im aiming...
  8. INTRO 32yo from Austria on the quest for financial freedom

    Hey, good luck on your goals! You have a background that requires great work ethic, so i'm sure you can do great. I'm also just starting out thinking about how to do things, doing market research etc. at the moment.
  9. Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Here is my 2 cents on crypto after hundreds of hours reading whitepapers, looking at ALL projects on CMC, investing in a few of them, and being part of the investor groups for 15-20 months. State of crypto It's a young market with mostly deflationary assets. This makes the big cheese, BTC...
  10. Lots of new faces here since I was active. What's your why?

    For me its about doing what i want in stead of working all day. My biggest why is being able to go on tour with my band. At the moment thats very difficult to do, and mostly too expensive or risky for little gain.
  11. Marketing company, but I'm a pure middleman

    The mindsets of people here are super interesting! Most of you are dismissing the idea because i havent even started yet. Whats the point in asking if you are dismissing it before starting? About no value added - just because i was plain in my post doesnt mean i dont know how to give a value...
  12. Marketing company, but I'm a pure middleman

    There are many ways to add value in this equation. I can always send my sales on the street in stead of cold emails. I can send them daily reports and suggest tailored content, videos etc. Any business, even marketing, is about marketing yourself more expensive than you should be to increase...
  13. Marketing company, but I'm a pure middleman

    Of course i dont expect it to be easy, I mean relative to other options. Since the focus is on me saying easy, and not the business idea itself ill take it as a thumbs up.
  14. Marketing company, but I'm a pure middleman

    Is this a viable business strategy to get out of my 9-5 job? Hire sales people on comission to sell marketing to local medium-large businesses. When they get a sell, foreward details to a high quality freelancer. Pocket the margins. When i get enough monthly work to afford a manager i will...
  15. How do i manufacture my automatic printer?

    Thanks for the perspectives. Obviously the main market would be low volume 1-50 orders where i could charge 5+ dollars for a jewelcase. I refuse to believe i have to pay 100k+ for that machine, but i do understand it will be costly. Maybe its too much effort for too little gain. I like the...
  16. How do i manufacture my automatic printer?

    Sure :) Was hoping for a general point in the right direction. My idea is to set up a no-touch print on demand system for cd printing. If i can get a printer, assembler, and packaging automated - thats huge. No one in the market is doing this, and would let local bands and artists order small...
  17. How do i manufacture my automatic printer?

    Looking to make/buy a printer for some niche print on demand items. Any ideas where to get custom machines for this?
  18. GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read fastlane the last days. What a wonderful philosophy! Looking to network with similar minded people :)
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