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  1. Silver Silk

    Quote of the Day - QOTD

    "The future has many names. For the weak it's unattainable, for the fearful it's unknown, and for the bold it's ideal." - Victor Hugo
  2. Silver Silk

    INTRO Philosophy guy new to the forum

    Welcome! What were some of the key takings from obtaining a MA in philosophy? When did you know you wanted to study this?
  3. Silver Silk

    EXECUTION Everything I Learned From Blogging $0 to $15k/month

    Fantastic, great to hear your story, I hope you have a overall brilliant 2019
  4. Silver Silk

    INTRO Hello from Estonia, to Nordic and all fasterlaners

    What's the opportunity like in Ghana, I'm thinking of travelling though Africa for a few months or so, I feel like there is huge opportunity there and the western world hierarchy have done a great job of misleading the majority of the planet to believe there isn't much to see in Africa. What do...
  5. Silver Silk

    AMA: Sold Everything - Moved to Bali

    @DennisDuty What are the key skills that you used online to create an income & how long have you been in the web development industry? Wordpress sites? CSS? HTML? E-commerce sites? Blogs? basically what skills have you mastered and what did you use the most? Glad you got back to the USA in...
  6. Silver Silk

    WEB SCHOOL The New Web Design Sub Forum (Intro Post)

    @Fox Still doing the udemy course, there's is a lot that is covered, need better focus to study for longer everyday, really not doing enough at the moment if im honest, my job is very mentally draining, but excuses don't produce results, just got to DO THE WORK and thats all there is to it...
  7. Silver Silk

    Quote of the Day - QOTD

    First of all thanks for the taking the time to offer guidance, I have until the march next year but i already told my management that I won't be furthering my education through university. I could delay my decision a year but that's not what I need to do, what I need to do is build a business...
  8. Silver Silk

    WEB SCHOOL Web Design Business Journey

    Go get it! I aim to do the same thing, i need to free up some time my career is so demanding, getting out but its not an over night process. Keep going and cant wait to hear the progross over the next few weeks and months, im sure this'll be a gold thread in a year or so!
  9. Silver Silk

    Quote of the Day - QOTD

    In exchange for not for what i want... im working on the plan to get me closer to my goals everyday and im taking your words on board, when a wise man speaks, you have to listen.
  10. Silver Silk

    WEB SCHOOL The New Web Design Sub Forum (Intro Post)

    @Fox Joined your new coding school, i quickly realised its more focused on sales and building the business though, i havent even got to that stage so i need to get there. In the facebook group ive watched some of the free videos stopped at step two to take action. Just purchased the suggested...
  11. Silver Silk

    INTRO Making Six Figures Trading Time for hours...Tired of it

    How do you make 120k plus as a software engineer? What areas are you involved in?
  12. Silver Silk

    EXECUTION Developing Fastlane Discipline

    @DamienRoche How are things progressing over on your side mate?
  13. Silver Silk

    You need a lot more ca$h than you might think

    Really you're looking to get out! im learning the basics right now with the long term vision that it'll let me quit my job and ill scale up the online business. Why would you say the downsides are to what you're doing right now
  14. Silver Silk

    You need a lot more ca$h than you might think

    What are your freelance areas? web developing & computer science? Youve still got to a milestone many of us havent yet reached, share the story bro!
  15. Silver Silk

    Quote of the Day - QOTD

    “Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.” – Malcolm X
  16. Silver Silk

    SEO!!! What are the best resources in 2018?

    Id like to eventually get into seo through web development, what would you say are good routes, just build my own websites and then practice with them and try to join a firm to further devoplop my skills? next year im planning a complete skills switch from my current railway engineer job to web...
  17. Silver Silk

    Quote of the Day - QOTD

    "If things seem under control you are not going fast enough" - Mario Andretti That one is taken from the millionaire fast lane, I've had to go back to the book because i need to get myself into gear. I find myself in a decent "job" that pays okay and I'm just getting sucked into the rat race...
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