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  1. Wiggly0607

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    Interesting. I have seen stuff about Tai on YouTube, seems pretty controversial. What is his story? (Tai) Re: 10X, I listened to the audiobook also. His energy is what makes the book good rather than the content. He's basically saying that you need to work harder than you think you do to be as...
  2. Wiggly0607

    NOTABLE! Billionaire Ray Dalio: Meditation is ‘the single most important reason' for my success

    Didn't see it listed here, but the best book on mindfulness and meditation that I've read is titled, "Buddha's Brain" by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. Does a great job of explaining the neuro underpinnings in a way that won't make you lose interest. Recommend it to everyone.
  3. Wiggly0607

    Grant Cardone - Just Read Sell or be Sold and Obsession Other books any good?

    He has some good ideas, but his delivery and his manic personality are exhausting.
  4. Wiggly0607

    EXECUTION The Millionaire Fastlane ... Book Progress

    Funny you say that, MJ. I was listening to a podcast the other day and the guy on it, a successful entrepreneur, randomly plugged your book out of nowhere. Pretty cool. He then just kept going with the podcast. Perhaps he is a Fastlane Forum member or something, but it was still cool. Especially...
  5. Wiggly0607

    INTRO You're from where??

    Columbus, OH. Other Ohio fastlaners here? We should unite! lol
  6. Wiggly0607

    Which Online Courses Have Provided the Most Value to You?

    I don't know if this is a typical "course," but I bought Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula last Spring, and updated it again this Fall. Not cheap, but this guy really does a nice job of laying everything out. Well worth the cost.
  7. Wiggly0607

    O/T: HEALTH Any BJJ folks on here?

    So last night was my nadir thus far for my bjj training...Felt off, drills went ok, then started rolling...It was like I was drugged or something. Got tapped like 5 times straight in 5 rolls, 3 of them by a newer white belt. Even got tea bagged. By that damn white belt. Couldn't stop it. Pretty...
  8. Wiggly0607

    INTRO Graduating M.D. With A Slow Lane On The Horizon

    Sure, happy to help. My tips for getting started in coaching/consulting: 1. Build expertise. Read up on everything in that area. It doesn't have to be formal training. When I first got into sports psychology stuff, I read every book there was on it. Some were bad, some were good, and many were...
  9. Wiggly0607

    INTRO Graduating M.D. With A Slow Lane On The Horizon

    Im not an MD, Im a Psy.D, Clinical Psychology. Was an athlete for many years and went into the field of sports medicine/clinical sports psychology, and have since branched off into high performance coaching and consulting. Trying to fastlane out of the office forever now!
  10. Wiggly0607

    INTRO Graduating M.D. With A Slow Lane On The Horizon

    Welcome, and stick around awhile! Use your MD training to make the fastlane opportunity even faster. You've already surmounted the barrier of entry with all that schooling! I did my doctorate and a two year fellowship and they have helped me do things faster, with a tiny bit more credibility...
  11. Wiggly0607

    O/T: HEALTH Eating foods that are "alive"

    If you want a good read, check out "The Body Keeps the Score," by Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD. The best read on mind-body trauma links.
  12. Wiggly0607

    Lots of new faces here since I was active. What's your why?

    "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation" Henry David Thoreau This is what drives me. I don't want that for my family. Road raging minivan-driving dads. Over-involved and self-important soccer moms. All of them mad at their own choices, not me, but completely unaware of it. My family...
  13. Wiggly0607

    I am grateful, are you?

    I try to be grateful as often as possible. It's a nice way to prime my brain for a better life. Sometimes I just make a list in my head, from small to large, of the things I'm grateful for. I've also learned to count obstacles and problems as things to be grateful for. This helps my brain...
  14. Wiggly0607

    NOTABLE! Audiobooks - Reclaiming your time

    That seems like a waste of energy to me. You don't need to retain everything in the book, just the most important parts.
  15. Wiggly0607

    NOTABLE! Audiobooks - Reclaiming your time

    I love audiobooks, too. Mostly history and health and biographies. For other books, like MJ's, I like physical copies, because I have to put them down, write down notes, or just sit there and ponder what I just read and how it will change my life. It's a fun treat to pick several audiobooks...
  16. Wiggly0607

    O/T: HEALTH Any BJJ folks on here?

    Cups make many things easier!
  17. Wiggly0607

    O/T: HEALTH Any BJJ folks on here?

    One of the best things I'm noticing, as I recover today from a hard class yesterday, is the tolerance for "oh shit" moments. Im much more able to not panic and to override my brain's auto reaction to someone cranking on my neck or arm. It is like a weird "quiet moment" in my head when I'm in...
  18. Wiggly0607

    O/T: HEALTH Any BJJ folks on here?

    I forgot to ask you where you are from? And congrats on winning your division?!
  19. Wiggly0607

    RANT My brother tried to kill me and my family did nothing about it.

    You don't realize it now, but you're a tough kid, and this terrible experience you are going through is going to make you tougher down the road, a better person, a better Fastlaner, a better dad, partner, etc. Keep focusing on your goals! Build yourself up little by little. And keep posting on...
  20. Wiggly0607

    INTRO Hello

    Welcome! Take some action, this is a great first step! Read MJ's books first, and go through the Gold threads on this forum to catch up with all the good stuff. This will be your MBA, and the start of a better life!
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