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  1. RoadTrip

    MEETUPS Belgium - 29th of June

    The Hague here. I would be interested in a meet-up!
  2. RoadTrip

    E-Sports Supplements

    To be quite frank, I’m not seeing the connection with natural. Nor with supplements. It’s also a bit difficult to judge without the full mock-up. I’m hoping other members share their view too.
  3. RoadTrip

    GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    But then selling in the US could get him in trouble right?
  4. RoadTrip

    E-Sports Supplements

    I would say either white (mental clarity) or a transparent plastic bottle. I don’t think the top matters that much. Screw tops would probably look better in a mock-up.
  5. RoadTrip

    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    If you read the whole thread you would have found the answer already. I really hope you agree that you can’t expect him to give the same answer twice after all the value he has already given. Since I saved the reply to Evernote, here is Sean’s earlier recommendation: “I have clients that...
  6. RoadTrip

    EXECUTION c.dream journey

    You have to take things one step at a time. So you feel guilty for still living at home with your mother. Put all your efforts in finding a job first. It helps you stand with two feet on the ground, gain confidence, opens you up to new opportunities, provides you with money and you can help your...
  7. RoadTrip

    NOTABLE! What's stopping you?

    First of all, you have to have your mother on board. Tell her about your ambitions to be an entrepreneur. Tell her she can take care of producing the bags while you can take care of sales. Secondly, for sales I suggest you focus on three platforms: Facebook / Instagram Ads Instagram...
  8. RoadTrip

    Why we aren't successful and what to do about it - The TURBO MINDSET thread

    I partially agree. The reason we are lazy and do not take risk is because a lot of people are in the fixed mindset. They have to proof their intelligence or greatness (also to themselves) and therefore fear failing. Failing would prove they are not so intelligent as they think they are...
  9. RoadTrip

    Why we aren't successful and what to do about it - The TURBO MINDSET thread

    So I bought this book upon your recommendation. I have read a lot of business books and I’m almost halfway through this one, but I can already tell that this book should come second on anyone’s list right after MJ’s books. Thanks for the share!
  10. RoadTrip

    E-Sports Supplements

    I consider myself well informed on the supplement market in any form. I have an autoimmune disease and run a business selling supplements. Meaning I have spent a LOT of time investigating different markets and different types of supplements. In your case I would go for capsules. Your target...
  11. RoadTrip

    E-Sports Supplements

    And if you use Twitch influencers sales could even explode
  12. RoadTrip

    E-Sports Supplements

    When I read the thread title I instantly thought what a great idea! There are so many supplements available for different goals and different target markets that eSports would be no exception to this rule. Even if you copy an existing nootropic recipe and rebrand it for eSports, it would very...
  13. RoadTrip

    NOTABLE! Going for it. Ecommerce.

    Who is your target market? If it’s millennials they respond really well to influencer marketing on Instagram. If I would start my business over again that’s the first area I would focus on. It can be extremely powerful. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  14. RoadTrip

    INTRO 26 yr old failed multiple times (but still there) entrepreneur

    I always tend to think about what MJ refers to as a productcracy. As you have already noticed, this business type has it’s obvious downsides (competition, costs of customer acquisition). You need to be able to create repeat business. You already mentioned you want to build a brand. That should...
  15. RoadTrip

    Chronic Back Pain

    I suffer from lower back pain too since a couple of years. I dedicated the cause to either my psoriatic arthritis or sitting too much. I tried the chiropractor. They were trying to sell me a 800 euro package on the first visit. This caused me to lose faith right from the start. When I didn't...
  16. RoadTrip

    NOTABLE! How many Business Failures did you have before success?

    That is a really good question. And thinking about your question seriously now I can't give you a conclusive answer. I would lean towards loss of interest because I'm not really passionate for the weight loss market. But who knows that passion might have sparked after helping lots of people...
  17. RoadTrip

    INTRO How i could have solved two NEEDs but blew it with procrastination.

    Have your read the story of Brendan Greene? He used to create add-ons and later partnered with a game developer to create PUBG. Is there a special or unique twist you have so you can do something similar?
  18. RoadTrip

    FAILURE Fastlane Failure: I created a job

    I don’t see what your current employer has to do with you freelancing. And I doubt your current job pays more than freelancing. As you said before, you are rotting away in your current position wasting time with your talent. Why not put your talent at work as a freelancer. There is so much...
  19. RoadTrip

    FAILURE Fastlane Failure: I created a job

    Thanks for sharing your story. We don’t have to tell you what went wrong since you already know pretty well yourself. Lesson learned, move on. The positive things: you know how to spot needs. You know how to develop. Why not start doing contracting work for better pay (you have the skills) and...
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