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  1. André Casal

    Elizabeth Warren: Break up Big Tech

    Well, that's just factually false. They don't control even 1% of what I read, watch or listen to, much less 90%. I don't watch TV. I get my news from family, friends and Twitter because I care about Elon and other such people.
  2. André Casal

    Speed Reading: Is it worth it?

    If the point is to download knowledge faster, a much better alternative to speed reading is audiobooks because you get to listen during tasks that don't require your full attention like driving, working out, walking, jogging, commuting, washing dishes, folding clothes, traveling and so on. I...
  3. André Casal

    RANT I'm 31 years old with $5 in my account

    Hello Chris. I read your story and I felt I was reading my story a few years ago. If you want to become rich, my advice is the following: 1. Get a job 2. Learn a high-income skill. Quit your job when your high-income skill makes you 2x what your job does. 3. Nurture a scalable business with the...
  4. André Casal

    EXECUTION The beginning of success

    Hey guys. I'd like to share my progress with you and I hope you enjoy the knowledge I have to share with you. Intro video's online.
  5. André Casal
  6. André Casal

    Conflicting Advice For Newbies Getting Clients

    I've come across this divide very often as well. To me it's a matter of principles like honesty, transparency and professionalism. Think about what principles you want to base your business on. What I think you should do is price yourself at market value and as someone who can help. If you...
  7. André Casal

    RANT The Secret/Law Of Attraction. Anyone believe in it?

    What would you consider LOA's foundation tenets?
  8. André Casal

    RANT The Secret/Law Of Attraction. Anyone believe in it?

    Thinking fervently about a fit body also only works if you eat well and workout.
  9. André Casal

    RANT The Secret/Law Of Attraction. Anyone believe in it?

    You cannot attract neither people nor opportunities by merely thinking about it. You attract people by being what they want in someone and interacting with them. Usually people want what they identify themselves with. That's why good people attract good people and bad people attract bad people...
  10. André Casal

    RANT The Secret/Law Of Attraction. Anyone believe in it?

    The Law of Attraction is a bad theory laced with technobabble (i.e. wrongly defined, and used, technical terms) to convey a sense of expertise and, therefore, persuade people into believing it. Check this Street Epistemology video View: I live by...
  11. André Casal

    VOTE NOW! Book #4: Vote for Next Book Discussion!

    The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch was the most profoundly practical firmware upgrade to the brain I've ever taken. It talks about the philosophy of knowledge and how to solve problems. It was the book that finally made me become a serious and effective entrepreneur. This book will...
  12. André Casal

    How to improve your business without feedback

    It seems to me that companies like Tesla and Apple have a very clear purpose and they use conjecture and elimination of error to improve their products and services. While we're talking about this, any stellar books on how to improve products and services?
  13. André Casal

    How to improve your business without feedback

    Hello everyone! So I have a few opposing ideas and I'd love your help in understanding what's the correct approach. I'm using my current computer science tutoring business (a time for money trade) to learn important business principles before I jump into my next online course business. The...
  14. André Casal

    How to legally pay no taxes... possible?

    I'm at a point in my business where I need to start worrying about taxes. From what I've learned about IRS and IRC, the best way to legally pay no taxes is to either report zero net profit by balancing your expenses or open business in a country where there are no taxes. Setting up business in...
  15. André Casal

    INTRO+ 30 year old millionaire but traded my time for money

    Hello Alan, congratulations on admitting you have such a hard problem and welcome to the forum. If I may, I'd like to offer a potential solution. I hope it resonates with you. To make progress in life we need two things. A life compass (to make sure we're moving in the right direction, with...
  16. André Casal

    Critical Rationalism Coaching

    Thanks for the input. The conversation since shifted from coaches to mentors and it seems mentors may not value getting payed as much as having an effortful, driven and dedicated mentee who can somehow help them. So I'm reframing the question: Who would I envision is as good as I want them to...
  17. André Casal

    Critical Rationalism Coaching

    Oh I didn't realize we had such a thread, thanks, I'll give it a try :)
  18. André Casal

    Critical Rationalism Coaching

    Yeah, I guess you're right... Thanks for the redirection, I'm going to google mentors and see what comes up.
  19. André Casal

    Critical Rationalism Coaching

    Thanks MTEE1985! I've tried that 30 day program. Didn't work for me. Anyway, I'm not looking for a one-size-fits-all coaching program. I'm looking for a coach, with whom I can have a direct and personal connection, talk about my life and business and get knowledgable advice from.
  20. André Casal

    Critical Rationalism Coaching

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this thread, so please move it if needed. I've been looking for a good personal and business coach for some time, but I can't seem to find one. The problem with many of today’s coaches is that they focus on mindsets, motivation and emotions, instead...
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