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  1. what book would you recommend me?

    You might need to ask on an Italian-language forum. I would guess not many people here know what books are available in Italian.
  2. Amazon sells pre-fabricated houses now ($20k)

    This could be interesting. Buy a plot of land, cabin, compost toilet, and Bob's Your Uncle People have been using Tuff Sheds as "tiny homes" for a while...
  3. C Programming Books

    I would suggest learning C before you learn C++, for the same reason you learn Basic Math before you learn Advanced Math, even when there are no jobs for people just doing Basic Math. C is the first language ported to any new hardware. For a long time, C++ was simply a pre-compiler for C...
  4. Books for becoming a better storyteller?

    If you are going in to sales, McKee just wrote a book about story structure for sales. I have no idea if it is any good: "Based on the hottest, most in-demand seminar offered by the legendary story master Robert McKee -- STORYNOMICS translates the lessons of storytelling in business into...
  5. Books for becoming a better storyteller?

    Robert McKee's "Story" is a classic. K.M. Weiland has some good books on plotting and character arcs. The "Save the Cat!" books are good for using a template approach. STC! is for movies, but a book for novels was recently released, which is weird because the guy died 10 years ago. A lot of...
  6. What do you think are the most saturated markets?

    I heard about a guy who got in to the Limo reservation business after it was saturated, he did okay.
  7. Do Mobile Apps Have a serious Control Issue?

    It depends on the app. If your app is a front-end to a service you control on the back-end, it is a lot safer. Apps like Waze, Uber, Tinder, etc, are really websites accessed via their apps. If your app exists exclusively on the device, like Flappy Birds, Flashlight app, etc, it could be...
  8. EXECUTION Quitting my 80k job, moving out of state to start a consulting business from nothing

    Shouldn't you move to wherever has the most potential customers with the least potential competitors? If you can choose where you live, and it matters where you live, it seems like that should be optimized. If you are web-based, maybe live in the Central US so you can work with East and West...
  9. The next Big Thing is quietly being assembled by Google...

    Flutter officially goes multi-platform today: Google Developers Blog: Flutter: a Portable UI Framework for Mobile, Web, Embedded, and Desktop Google is now working with App Brewery for training: The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart
  10. Influencer never had Control

    Apparently "influencer" Jessy Taylor got her channel back. She called the police because Instagram deleted her account that had 100k followers. She probably thinks she has Control again. View: Instagram says it deleted a controversial influencer's...
  11. 23 Year old, grew up abused, struggling. Please help with some ideas? :(

    The secret to earning money is not getting what you want, but providing what other people want. The TMF book will help you optimize your returns while you provide for others.
  12. Show us your mug!

    Is that your gut, or your butt? Either way, you are a lot braver than me.
  13. The next Big Thing is quietly being assembled by Google...

    Mischook likes Flutter. View:
  14. Help. Girl Issues.

    Let her become an American citizen first, then consider marrying her. If your dating can't handle that, the relationship was not what it appeared to be.
  15. EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    He made a name for himself, and a brand for those type of games. Passage allow you to see how life-choices work out over the course of a 5 minute game. It made $0. Passage's spiritual successor, One Hour One Life, made $250k in its first week.
  16. EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    I mostly mention HTML5 games because of their simplicity, and likelihood they would be finished. If you decide to go native (most common on mobile), you can still keep things simple. For example. The computer game Passage was in the first group of games to be inducted in to the New York...
  17. EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    Here is a post I made about HTML5 games WEB/DIGITAL - Is there an uptick in HTML5 WebGL games? That post mentions Matt at True Valhalla, I think he makes $100k+ yearly on HTML5 games. Professional Game Developer | True Valhalla Frederic at Okijin is doing $180k+ I think, his site is...
  18. EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    I would encourage you start small, start with something you can finish. See my post in the other thread: EXECUTION - Learning C (Game Programming) Progress Thread
  19. RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Yeah, I screwed that up so bad I went in to hiding. I even checked the first 3 movies listed, and they were in descending order, so I assume they all were in order. The closest I can come to redeeming myself is to look at the movies again, and I do see one thing worth mentioning. In the Top...
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