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  1. AlexV

    MEETUPS German-NRW meeting

    Hello, Like proposed in this thread: Hello from Germany! I will try to arrange a meeting in NRW-Germany(like the B&P in the USA), because I've seen there are some forum members in the area and it will be great to change ideas, to motivate each other and simply to have a good time. Location...
  2. AlexV

    Fastlane mindset from an NBA Player

    LeBron James development as it described in the article below, shows us his fastlane mindset even if it is applied in sports. How LeBron James transformed his game to become a highly efficient scoring machine - Grantland
  3. AlexV

    EXECUTION Progress thread - one year from now (27.01.2013-27.01.2014)

    Hello, You can find more about me and my background here. I've been reading the forum everyday since I've joined. Amazing!!!:tiphat: I've decided to create this thread to keep me motivated and to keep track of my progress in the next year. I will use mainly the metric system and not the...
  4. AlexV

    Hello world!

    Hello to all fastlaners! My name is Alex, almost 30, and I'm coming from Romania, to be more exact from that region that everybody knows as Transylvania, but on the move to Germany from March. I've read MJ's book about one year and a half ago and it changed my perspective on this world. I was...

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