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  1. O/T: HEALTH Eating foods that are "alive"

    So true. The more “awake” you are the more you can feel energy. Thanks for the list I will give it a try. The topic of “energies” goes deep and it requires someone to achieve TRUE freedom (both mentall, physically, and spiritually) to detect energies of other. What do I mean with true freedom...
  2. Which Fastlaners do you follow on Instagram?

    Social media is notnreality. Define happiness for yourself. If you have great health, financial freedom where you don’t have to work again getting over 70k a year, and a great family’s nd social life, you have it made and you made it. At least that is what making it for me is.
  3. Anybody here just quit their job, burn their bridges and took massive action?

    Do it. One life and what’s the worst that can happen? Go back to your own position? This is a battle and if you aren’t feeling like a warrior (hence the burning h boat analogy), you are dieing inside. All this will be forgotten, but will your soul have sang it’s song? That is the only true thing...
  4. O/T: HEALTH Eating foods that are "alive"

    Going off my other thread about alive foods, what “Alive” protein sources are there? By Alive I mean anything that still has its cels alive and hydrated. I was thinking maybe really fresh fish but that would be expensive. I am going to stick with eggs after I eat this last batch of chicken I...
  5. O/T: HEALTH Eating foods that are "alive"

    Got rid of my protein powder. After not having it for a month and sticking with Whole Foods even protein powder begins to feel synthetic and I feel the effects immediately (groggy). Mix protein powder. With a couple drops of water in a tupperware and see what happens after an hour if you let it...
  6. Which Fastlaners do you follow on Instagram?

    T Though I agree with inspirational texts, it is cringey as hell to quote them in your insta. More important to live it then say it.
  7. O/T: HEALTH Eating foods that are "alive"

    where did you hear the idea of cells holding trauma? I believe that is true and that if we can "shake" it out, our trauma and past will stop running us. Would like to research this more so if you have any ideas or books on this topic let me know!
  8. O/T: HEALTH Eating foods that are "alive"

    i mean foods that still have "life" force in them. This means things such as fresh fruits (or frozen fruits), fresh vegetables, yogurt as you mentioned. Anything that also has lots of water in it. Eating things like rice, bread, dead meat, flour, processed cheese, corn products are all "dead"...
  9. Feeing joyful then feeling like crud

    Awesome. Got to break the mold.
  10. Feeing joyful then feeling like crud

    Escaping the matrix day by day, I literally feel like a child. Not in a bad way like I am immature but I am looking at life in a fresh way. I’m less judgemental of people and view everyone like my friend. However my parents are EXTREMELY negative. They are set in their ways and won’t change...
  11. My ultimate FTE

    The FTE that will stick with me and will provide me the passion and fuel to succeed my goals. Most people in this world are stupid fat and weak. Weak as In the inability to take action and caring what others think and not doing what’s right but what’s easy. This I believe is the root of all...
  12. Only one life to live - Image from Reddit

    Coming back to this thread. This is HIS view. Life isn’t that bad. Even if it is the same old day, it’s your perspective. There are plenty of farmers in the empty fields who are satisfied and content. The fact that we live in a modern society expecting a life like iron man tony stark is what...
  13. Balancing 9-5 and business

    Doing all this. My life right now is work and working out.
  14. Balancing 9-5 and business

    Already doing his but I’m willing to work till 4am if I can. Gotta make this freedom thing happen!
  15. Balancing 9-5 and business

    So I got a 9-5 job but I am committed to working on my business until 2 am everyday after I’m back from work. Part of me wants to just focus 100% on the business but this is also a very good job and I need the money now. I’m going to give this crazy lifestyle a big shot for a year until I make...
  16. EXECUTION Value First and Foremost

    My parents are the same. Hell everyone I’ve met other then people online are the same. They all want you to fail. Classic crabs in a bucket. F*ck em. It’s your life do whatever YOU want. Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise. We all die but we all don’t live.
  17. Successful fastlane with 9-5 job?

    Anyone here have a successful fastlane business with a 9-5 job? I am kind of in a hole right now. I have full belief that I will be in the fastlane business but I need money now and don't think I can make money now with this business. Anyone successfuly pull this off with a 9-5 job? I know the...
  18. Paranoia and Social Anxieties Are Killing My Fastlane Dreams

    Get clear on your values and assume people are good but always have your guard up. Realize that you arent alone in this and that most people feel this way, they just hide it better then you. By putting effort in this area, you are already ahead of 95% of people (seriously) good luck bro.
  19. Only one life to live - Image from Reddit

    My goal is to make a book discussing how depression isn’t a brain chemical imbalance but it’s bexause your literal god damn soul is being pulled apart by society and outside influences. Once you have your soul intact and firm, life is an endless adventure where your filled with gratitude and...
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