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  1. Seth Goodluck

    What habit changed your life?

    Reading & Audiobooks (daily) Writing & Reflecting (daily) Meditation (daily, 7+ times per week) Healthy Living (minimal alcohol/substance, good food in moderation, daily exercise) I'd say those things continue to help me succeed and were huge factors in all previous successes...
  2. Seth Goodluck

    OFF-TOPIC What kind of mattress do you own?

    Bear Mattress. It's super comfy and allegedly good for recovering muscles. Definitely the best bed I've ever owned. Would I buy it again? Maybe... there are so many mattresses to choose from these days.
  3. Seth Goodluck

    Should I be worried about capitalism changing? Or am I overthinking it?

    I'm very liberal - and also very capitalist. They aren't at all mutually exclusive ;) (Though financially I'm probably more moderate) That being said, historically, capitalism and taxation and corporate structure and everything associated with the flow of financial and intellectual resources is...
  4. Seth Goodluck

    Do you think master degree in entrepreneurship is useless?

    Arguably, nothing is useless ;) John Wick killed men with a pencil. But is it necessary - probably not. Most entrepreneurs and folks here probably have a bit of business education at most in that direction. My "major" involved a lot of entrepreneurship courses...
  5. Seth Goodluck

    INTRO You're from where??

    You can add my name to the list too. Seattle, WA
  6. Seth Goodluck

    What Do Productive People Do?

    There are some comments on the subject but the gist goes something like this: As a human in the modern world you have thousands of things vying for your attention and energy. As an entrepreneur, you have a thousand times the things vying for your attention and energy. I can think of hundreds...
  7. Seth Goodluck

    What Do Productive People Do?

    May be worth a public google doc for people to edit/add to/etc
  8. Seth Goodluck

    What Do Productive People Do?

    "Productive" people prioritize...
  9. Seth Goodluck

    RANT Discipline - The Reason You Might Fail

    This is probably the most condensed analogy version of that truth that I've come across. Kudos and Karma.
  10. Seth Goodluck

    RANT Discipline - The Reason You Might Fail

    Good read and counter thought - thank you for the share! It's worth adding - this is a ton of fun too :) As with all things, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle (requires discipline and motivation).
  11. Seth Goodluck

    RANT Discipline - The Reason You Might Fail

    Being a full-time entrepreneur - at least starting out as I am - is at once one of the most glorious and most challenging things I've ever experienced. Hopefully, this will get you reflecting/thinking/considering your own climb. What's Glorious About It? Not needing to wake up to make a...
  12. Seth Goodluck

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    Could you link me to your execution thread? I would absolutely love to read through that!
  13. Seth Goodluck

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    Zero-Debt by February 1st, 2019 Six-Pack Abs by end of March (why not? :cool:) 300 b2b Sales by April 15th, 2019 Prototype of application I'm working on by July File patent and rekindle licensing opportunity Finish 6 business/finance/self-improvement books before June
  14. Seth Goodluck

    INTRO Hello World! I'm Seth and I'm after it :)

    @MJ DeMarco Updates: - This next week is my last week of 'work'. - Product Photography is Done - Pricing Model is Done - Call/Sales Scripts & Rebuttals are Done - 5 Pre-Sales (ready to buy when ready to ship)* - Lead list finalized Next up... - Final Site, Product, and Price proof reading -...
  15. Seth Goodluck

    INTRO Lost Computer Science Student

    Have your cake and eat it too! I also did CS. It was an awesome career choice because you can make 6-figures right out of the gate and develop your coding chops in a way school never comes close to. I'm leaving my company here in a couple months for a year minimum of biz pursuit (assuming no...
  16. Seth Goodluck

    Any sex-toy developers? A long-shot I'm sure...

    You'll do just fine. Keeping that one. Almost all patents are like that. Rarely are patents genuinely innovative. A provisional patent is still not a terrible idea (cheaper, faster, and will dissuade enough copy cats to get out of the way). Seems like that applies to any good business...
  17. Seth Goodluck

    Short One Liner That Had A Strong Impact On You

    "Nobody is coming to save you - you have to save yourself"
  18. Seth Goodluck

    EXECUTION By the 2019 Summit, I will accomplish [blank]...

    By February 2019, I will have quit my day job and have no fewer than (redacted: 100, too low) 500 closed sales (new clients, recurring revenue) and have generated enough value to pay for an extra year of fastlane pursuit without need for a job.
  19. Seth Goodluck

    INTRO New aspiring entrepreneur here

    Welcome @Rabcats! There's a lot of good stuff here... Advice, perspectives, sometimes heated differing opinions (in a good way), and loads of material. Definitely pick up both books and read them if you haven't yet. That's key. As far as your aspirations go, keep going.
  20. Seth Goodluck

    Short One Liner That Had A Strong Impact On You

    Discipline/commitment/follow-through might just be one of the most important things. Good quotes.
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