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  1. Anakalypsi

    Naval Ravikant on seeking wealth and not money.

    Have also a look at:
  2. Anakalypsi

    what book would you recommend me?

    Sounds like a good plan. Also I want to add that 2h round trip per day are potentially 10h per week you could additional listen to audiobooks. I mix those formats myself. While outside / driving I listen to audio and when I am able to sit still and it is quiet I read.
  3. Anakalypsi

    what book would you recommend me?

    Pro Tip: Get used reading books in English. Many great books are written in English and have very few translations, especially exotic ones. I have some Italian friends and I know how they feel about it. But they also have to just suck it up! Start today and soon you will have no problem...
  4. Anakalypsi

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Listening to this right now. Great narrator and great content. Highly recommended.
  5. Anakalypsi

    Naval - How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)

    Bump for Naval with Joe Rogan Very interesting and definitely recommended. View:
  6. Anakalypsi

    Advice needed on naming my WebApp regarding SEO

    Thanks for the advice, much appreciated! Yeah, I'll try not to worry too much on that part, you're right. Which category of upwork people are you referring too? I guess you mean "brand identity" or similar, right?
  7. Anakalypsi

    Advice needed on naming my WebApp regarding SEO

    Looking back at my Q1 this year I was sick that I still didn't pursue a business idea. I was action faking as hard as Elon Musk trolls the internet. For example, I was reading a lot of books which added even more stuff on my To Do list of other books to read. I read tons of articles which...
  8. Anakalypsi

    WEB SCHOOL Fox's 2019 Make $100k Starting Web Design from Scratch Challenge

    Hey @Fox 1quarter of the challange time has passend. Where are you currently standing? Are you back in Mexico?
  9. Anakalypsi

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Oh man, I found this so hard to read. The guy has some points but all these biblical comparison stories and his interpretations just made me dizzy.
  10. Anakalypsi

    NOTABLE! A Fastlane Test - What is Your Locus Of Control?

    Locus of Control Test Results Internal Locus |||||||||||||||| 64% External Locus |||||||||| 36% Seems legit.
  11. Anakalypsi

    GOLD! Did It: Zero to $12k a Month While Traveling the World

    First of all, thank you for sharing your story here. Stories like these really motivate me a lot and give me much hope. Haha so true. You made that move quite fast which speaks to your success! That is just f*cking great! Found this especially appealing today. Last, good luck and...
  12. Anakalypsi

    O/T: HEALTH Anyone using the Wim Hof Meditation Method?

    Yes, that can happen. I don't remember the exact science and source behind it but it's normal when doing some sort of breathing exercises. Thinking now about it I guess I had it from this book here
  13. Anakalypsi

    Every time I do this, I fail. And so will you.

    It is fascinating for me that as adults, at least as far as I can tell, most of us have to rediscover that. As children, we were much less afraid of failure. Or otherwise, we never would have learned to walk after failing at the begin. And so on. Somewhere in our growing somewhere happens...
  14. Anakalypsi

    Is CENTS Destructive to Action?

    This thread is exactly what I and a lot others I'm sure needed to read today! Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
  15. Anakalypsi

    Speed Reading: Is it worth it?

    Short: Speed read to find information that you're actively searching on for some reason. For deeply understanding something new or engaging with your creative part of your brain it is worthless.
  16. Anakalypsi

    Are you a starfish, or a crab in a bucket?

    Interesting way of viewing the bucket. I also believe that many of the crabs can be your closest friends and family. And they aren't dragging consciously back because they want to harm you directly but more unconsciously they're afraid of what becomes of themselves when you disappear or change...
  17. Anakalypsi

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Antifragile - Nassim Nicholas Taleb So far it's very interesting and gives often a very counter-intuitive perspective on many things usually taken for granted. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
  18. Anakalypsi

    The "Second Renaissance"

    @jpanarra you describe very well in words what I'm feeling lately. I kind of came to a similar conclusion but wasn't able to describe it the way you did. Although in my opinion, the timeframe is more to in the 5-10 years direction, I definitely see a huge wave of change coming on us. I find...
  19. Anakalypsi

    O/T: HEALTH Anyone using the Wim Hof Meditation Method?

    I've embedded cold showers in my morning routine. If I could keep only one thing from my list of morning routine and had to loose everything else, it would be cold showers. Paradoxically it is the thing on my list I hate the most to do. Somewhere lately I've read that if you want to be...
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