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  1. Tomekmeister

    Will it be enough value for customers?

    Hey! It's been quite a while since I've visited the forum, but I hope you guys are still as helpful as you were back then :) Recently I've been working on creating a Polish-based platform for freelancers due to terrible state of the local freelancing market. Let me give you a quick summary...
  2. Tomekmeister

    MEETUPS Poland meetup- Krakow

    Maybe I quit the forum, but I have never quit the Fastlane. Count me in :)
  3. Tomekmeister

    O/T: HEALTH Anybody interested in a "Fast-Lane" body transformation challenge to push each other...?

    I am not even going to get into this pile of hatred. Insulting you back isn't going to get me any closer to financial freedom. Instead I wish you a great day :) PS: Please research the topic before calling me a "CLOSE MINDED IGNORANT FRIEND". “Muscle Memory” is Real and Here’s How It Works What...
  4. Tomekmeister

    O/T: HEALTH Anybody interested in a "Fast-Lane" body transformation challenge to push each other...?

    It really is a great transformation, but the comparison isn't fair (which makes it look BS). Normal photo vs perfect lighting, probably your best pose and I guess the photo was taken shortly after workout. Unfortunately (or not) such transformation isn't possible for people who haven't trained...
  5. Tomekmeister

    INTRO My intro - John

    Man... I remember reading it straight after my brother gave it to me. After the first 10% I knew I was hooked :D Welcome! PS: @MJ DeMarco Will TMF ever be available in Poland again? I recommended it to all my buddies and actually convinced them to buy a copy to later find out you can't get it...
  6. Tomekmeister

    Jumping between industries & skills, I need help.

    Not everybody has to follow the same path. If you can't find a skill that you can see yourself mastering - it's OK. Robert Kiyosaki mentioned in RDPD that his Rich Dad always preferred to know a little about everything than a lot about one thing. Doing what he suggests, maybe you'll eventually...
  7. Tomekmeister

    What would you do at 16?

    I believe you couldn't have been more wrong. Maintaining a serious relationship since I was 13 (a total of slightly over 5 years now) taught me more lessons than anything else in my life. It made me more mature and showed that once "you've made it", you still have to put in the work to keep the...
  8. Tomekmeister

    I had that idea first, and I'm GLAD they're making millions.

    There probably were over 20 "Snapchats" before the one that succeeded. Ideas aren't everything, in fact, they're less than 10% of the whole thing.
  9. Tomekmeister

    MEETUPS Accountability Partner

    Couldn't have described it any better.
  10. Tomekmeister

    How does one monetize a free service?

    I believe I already heard it in How To Win Friends & Influence People. Thank you for reminding me :)
  11. Tomekmeister

    How does one monetize a free service?

    Thank you everyone for advice, I've got everything I needed. Merry Christmas :)
  12. Tomekmeister

    How does one monetize a free service?

    Not exactly what I wanted to do, but I guess it still destroys all my plans. I guess I could dig deeper into it, but is there a market for it?
  13. Tomekmeister

    How does one monetize a free service?

    Here's how I see it: 1. Customers fill the fields required for me to create a PC that suits them well. 2. They are forced to pay let's say 3% of their budget upfront. (That way I would maintain total control over the business) 3. I send links to all the parts needed. * I can also offer an...
  14. Tomekmeister

    How does one monetize a free service?

    Hello Fastlaners! I'm considering starting a hardware advisory business. I want to create a website where we would help customers build a custom PC that fits their needs and budget. How is this service different? All the other websites only offer advice if you buy their stuff, which in most...
  15. Tomekmeister

    ...What about owning a MLM company?

    I thought about the same thing. I once got a little brainwashed and almost joined one of the MLM companies, but then I realized that who the hell would buy this crap? Honestly, if you can find a product that your "employees" will be happy to sell, then I don't see how it's a bad idea :)
  16. Tomekmeister

    MEETUPS 2017 Fastlane Summit (Official Announcement)

    I am very sorry to hear that and I truly wish you a fast recovery, you really do deserve some rest after all the amazing work you've put in, not only guiding, but uniting entrepreneurs from all over the globe. We all are really grateful for everything you've done for us. Thank you! Why does...
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