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  1. James Cozens

    How to detect deceitful people

    Haha your story speaks to me on a spiritual level! I think everyone above have made great points and it's also great (and sad) to see that I'm not the only one who's encountered deceitful people. After years of pondering, I would say that the only way to spot deceitful people is to be exposed...
  2. James Cozens

    Advice and clarity really needed

    This is absolute gold - You would not believe how much this has helped me overnight! It really did help. You're completely right - we became so desperate for money that value disappeared into the background. From now any venture I do, I will do my best to ensure that I'm focusing on value...
  3. James Cozens

    Advice and clarity really needed

    Dude thank you! I really needed this. I'm going to have a sleep and wake up tomorrow with a clearer mind. Sincerely appreciate all the advice; it's been super calming to unload and get all this awesome feedback :praise:
  4. James Cozens

    Advice and clarity really needed

    This is pure gold. Thank you so much! I need to sleep on this to digest it properly :playful:
  5. James Cozens

    Advice and clarity really needed

    Damn you got me there! Thanks for the nudge :happy: Looks like I have some re-reading to do
  6. James Cozens

    Advice and clarity really needed

    Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate the time it would have taken to write it. I am a CNC programmer & operator by day. However the CNC software I specialize in is very rare in New Zealand and I work in the only large company to actually use the software on their machines. The...
  7. James Cozens

    Advice and clarity really needed

    Hello everyone. I want to keep this as short and to the point as possible. I feel like I've been stuck in a rut my entire adult life. Ever since my first job at 18, I have been trying to make extra money on the side. Between the ages of 18-25, I took a half-assed approach by trying to buy...
  8. James Cozens

    RANT Why do we love losers?

    I think those types of people love to see others fail because it makes them feel better about their meaningless lives. I have an attractive & ambitious but insecure sister who hangs around UGLY girls with no ambition. I suspect she likes to do this as it makes her feel better about herself -...
  9. James Cozens

    Habit changer: TV is a pitiful waste of time

    I literally just threw my TV in a rubbish skip. I've found the best ways to stop distractions are to simply remove them. E.g: I always found myself going on the Facebook app without thinking. Suddenly I'm scrolling the newsfeed and wondering how I got there. So I deleted the Facebook app from...
  10. James Cozens

    BOOK Can I criticize (or hate) a book I haven't read entirely?

    It's funny, but some of the most popular books recommended by gurus: Money Master the Game, 4 Hour Work Week, Principles - even Blue Ocean Strategy - bored the sh*t out of me! Some of the books by smaller, less well-known figures have been fantastic - probably the writers are putting their...
  11. James Cozens

    Should I worry about getting crushed?

    Execution is EVERYTHING. That is all
  12. James Cozens

    RANT Quit now, get a job, and why bother. Everything is luck.

    So I completely agree with a lot of what you said in the OP. I'm 30 now and only just recovering from 5 years of the same bullshit. Tony Robbins saying "just follow your passion" Robert Kiyosaki saying "invest in assets"... all the generic guru advice out there just F***s you up because it's...
  13. James Cozens

    The short, random wisdom thread (needs mentioning, but not a thread!)

    Definitely use blue-tak... the wife was NOT happy about my 30 drawing pins
  14. James Cozens

    The short, random wisdom thread (needs mentioning, but not a thread!)

    Haha it's a new thing for my business too. I basically just printed out a 12 page calendar and stuck it to my wall. This is for 2019 so not much written on it yet. Am planning 2019 out over the next 4 days which will include a process flowchart in the empty space to the right
  15. James Cozens

    The short, random wisdom thread (needs mentioning, but not a thread!)

    Great idea! There are a few concepts/pearls of wisdom I've picked up that I have to read through every day so I remember to do them. I think it comes down to the fact that our memory IS terrible and must be constantly reminded. My list grows longer with each book I read. FOCUS Stop crying, take...
  16. James Cozens

    Adapting to this Chaotic Restricting Social Climate

    Two words: "F*** THAT!" No offense to you, but the number of people who subscribe to the "there are 67+ genders" crap are a very small, vocal minority. It's unfortunate that identity politics are being dragged into the universities & Disney movies, but I have a feeling that common sense will...
  17. James Cozens

    Will smoking weed make me lazy/hurt my (good) mindset?

    I smoked it a few times when I was younger, but never really enjoyed it. Either it gave me a headache or put me to sleep. I hung around a crowd of weed-baked losers who smoked the stuff daily and they lived meaningless, unproductive lives. I'm so glad I escaped that social circle. Everyone is...
  18. James Cozens

    Cannabis biz started 2 years ago, sold $7M!

    Yep... the same cigarette manufacturers who funded all those anti-cannabis commercials :rofl: World is a tricky place!
  19. James Cozens

    Introverts vs Extroverts (The forum is mostly introverts?)

    I've never come across any quality business meetups to be honest. I'm sure they're out there, but I had always assumed that the people really achieving big things tend to shield themselves from the masses while the little guys fight for scraps at the networking events. The highest quality...
  20. James Cozens


    Unscripted: best book ever! Well it's hard to compare to TMF: both are amazing in their own ways
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