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  1. ProInvestor

    Any vaulters here?

    I guess it's an interesting title for this post - the reason why I have used it is due to this article I read: Does anyone use polls to find products or use polls as muses? I am thinking it would be quite a good tool -...
  2. ProInvestor

    OFF-TOPIC What mobile phone do you use?

    Samsung Galaxy S (I9000) Android phone. Can be a lifesaver on the road - check multiple emails, gtalk, google maps + heaps of free apps. Plus u can tether. ProInvestor
  3. ProInvestor

    Emergency - Business Plan Needed !!!!

    Hay guys.... been a long, long while... but I've been too busy... *sigh* Anyway has anyone had any professional business plans done for them? And by professional I don't mean 12 page business plan I mean 100+ pages. Okay perhaps not 100 but a good amount. And not boiler plate.... It is for...
  4. ProInvestor

    OFF-TOPIC The Kiyosaki Crash

    Just like most crashes, I'd say you can blame greedy stupid amateurs, who get involved and always bring down the house. One of my best friends who is a bond trader on Wall Street has always told me -- When Joe Sixpack jumps into a hot market, that's when the experienced investors jump right out...
  5. ProInvestor

    OFF-TOPIC The Kiyosaki Crash

    While I think Kiyosaki would be 'chuffed' to think that he can move markets I doubt he is really to blame for the subprime mess. Mainly it was the fact that those buying the debt (hedge funds) didn't do their due diligence and got burnt as a result. "I have never seen any proof he ever made...
  6. ProInvestor

    MYTH boomers will crash the market

    Okay we don't have a fence in Australia - However we do have some of the tightest immigration laws in the world. If your an illegal immigrant and you get on a leaky boat and land in Australia you will be arrested and sent overseas to a processing detention facility (read: jail) where you will...
  7. ProInvestor

    MYTH boomers will crash the market

    Rather than be pessimistic heres where I see OPPORTUNITY! > Oil - Cars in China and India are being built for $2,500 - wheres the fuel to power all those cars going to come from? > Agriculture - 2 Billion people in china and India demanding better lives - hence 'better 'food - expect wheat...
  8. ProInvestor

    MYTH boomers will crash the market

    > With that said, where does the influx of 100 million working immigrants play into your equation? What about France, Germany and the rest of Europe? And Australia, Canada and the UK which aren't going to get 100 million immigrants??? They will be taking money out of the world (and US) stock...
  9. ProInvestor

    MYTH boomers will crash the market

    In reply to nomadjanet - No I am wrong - because you have more rep that me! ;) If your friends own real estate that has enough positive cashflow then perfect, but that can beg the question - why are they still working? (working decreases time to find deals and invest further, for higher...
  10. ProInvestor

    MYTH boomers will crash the market

    I will make a few more observations why the boomers will crash the market, but it requires extra steps to prove. Now I am going to say the exct opposite of what I've just said, but her me out - the boomers themselves will not crash the market... Sophisticated investors will crash the market...
  11. ProInvestor

    MYTH boomers will crash the market

    Okay heres why the market will crash: ~ We are already due a depression. (Proven by the fact we have one every 75 years). ~ Baby Boomers will be retiring = not earning money (or high income) from job, which means less disposable income to buy things and less money to pump into the stock...
  12. ProInvestor

    tenant problems

    Just be careful, I would run the scenario through your friendly solicitor, minly bcause you don't want to p*%^ off the judge.... Rgds. ProInvestor
  13. ProInvestor

    Real Estate How about a beginners RE thread?

    S00n..... But we will try to answer all questions in the mean time... Rgds. ProInvestor
  14. ProInvestor

    Real Estate How about a beginners RE thread?

    Well PhxMJ is putting together a Wiki which I plan to add many pages too. I think a Wiki is better for this sort of thing for two reasons: > Anyone can add to one main bulk, rather than having to scroll through pages and pages. > Focus great posts in one place, rather than either sticky them...
  15. ProInvestor

    Real Estate Credit Reporting on Bad Tenants

    Sell the debt to a debt collector and move on. Usually I won't report the tenants unless they trash the property. If someone can't pay rent, fine - move on. If they trash the property - then I'm unhappy! Rgds. ProInvestor
  16. ProInvestor

    What do you read every day?

    I use a service called iGoogle - It provides tabs so you can layer up pages of info. For me one is a page of blog/RSS feeds from such people as Friedman, Yahoo Finance (RK), Freakonomics, SEO/Internet and Trader Blogs (smart trader, investmentU, Chris Perruna). Another...
  17. ProInvestor


    Thx for the update PhxMJ !!!! Not a prob! Take your time (just happy it's going to be happening). Rgds. proInvestor
  18. ProInvestor

    What do you think of my current situation?

    While I encourage you to go for your dreams, I would check out the insurance costs... Also the lower your expenses and the higher money into assets = retirement faster Rgds. ProInvestor
  19. ProInvestor

    Famous stars getting into franchises - how?

    It is my guess that many franchises give away franchises to stars so they can use those same starts in promotional / marketing material AND to help sell other franchises. However it must be said that most famous stars aren't fantastic at business and a franchise can provide the much needed...
  20. ProInvestor


    Can we get some sort of wiki ???? We can find good posts and then add them to the wiki and then when people ask Qs we can refer to wiki rather than having to make our fingers bleed (bleeding fingers makes me sad)..... Rgds. ProInvestor
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