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  1. CaptainAmerica

    Failure. Advice requested, please!

    TL/DR: Consulting business failed. Currently driving a forklift and moving furniture for minimum wage. Assets: consulting program, chemistry degree, micro niche lab supply business Threats: medical issues which are just recently under control, but require constant vigilance Dream Fastlane...
  2. CaptainAmerica

    INTRO You're from where??

    How did I miss this??! I'm in Phoenix!
  3. CaptainAmerica

    O/T: HEALTH What has helped your seasonal depression SAD?INDOOR TANNING???

    I'll jump in here too. I live in the PNW, and grew up in Boston, so ....yeah. I increase the nootropics and Vit. D starting November 1 and carry that through March 1. I make it a point to hike to the butte on sunny days, at least once a month, because it's the Wide Open Sky Filled With...
  4. CaptainAmerica

    What bad habits have you broken?

    My 18yo son, my youngest, left home on August 20. My 3x/week aperitif became daily slug o'whiskey. When I ran out of that, I finished off the vodka, then the triple sec. BUT I DIDN'T BUY ANY MORE. I stopped it when it was still a habit, not an addiction. It never hurt me, so far as I could...
  5. CaptainAmerica

    MEETUPS 2019 Fastlane Summit: Preliminary Speaker Call

    I'm planning on being there! Want to hear my talk on how to (re)structure your business for time freedom, or I could focus on one of the 6 parts: Values-Based Strategy Marketing to Passionate People Corporate Culture & Outreach Tactics Actionable Metrics Integrated Tools CYA Legalities Gee, I...
  6. CaptainAmerica

    FEATURED! What are some of the ways YOU gain CLARITY on complex decisions/problems?

    I would caution you against doing only pros and cons. I use a system that is reproducible, so we make decisions the same way every time. You could (and should) read the whole book, Decisive, by Dan and Chip Heath. Or, to save time, post this up on your wall and make a decision: Also, I run...
  7. CaptainAmerica

    FEATURED! Mental Health Awareness Thread

    A personal word about depression - it may be only a sign of something else, or it could be The Thing. In my case (I just found this out 3 weeks ago), my depression was caused from a bad mix of genetic anomalies and allergies made worse by menopause. I can totally see how some women used to be...
  8. CaptainAmerica

    Should you worry about the competition? I'm afraid to scale

    Love my competitors! They prove that the market wants what I have. All I have to do is be better or faster than them.
  9. CaptainAmerica

    Anyone else had a shittty/mediocre experience when getting design or creative work done?

    You've had disappointing results from the people you found. How did you find them, and what qualifiers could you add so you find someone who could do it better?
  10. CaptainAmerica

    How to find Business Coach/Mentor

    well, I'm a business consultant. Questions for you: What is you're hoping to get out of a coach/consultant/mentor? How do you see the work going? What happens if you don't hire one? Do you have reproducible systems in place already?
  11. CaptainAmerica

    Anyone else had a shittty/mediocre experience when getting design or creative work done?

    I was talking to my branding agent this morning, and she is trying to market herself services as both very fast, and very customizable. How would start out looking for someone like her? How could she stand out?
  12. CaptainAmerica

    My Dilemma: Stay at Current Job/Or Take New Job at Startup

    There's another decision-making tool you might try, called WRAP. There's a whole book about it, but here's the cheat sheet.
  13. CaptainAmerica

    Ideas from Teenage Shark Tank Contestants

    Monday night, I went to the High School Shark Tank Event - I was mentor for a couple of contestants. Want to springboard your imagination? Here's the products that were presented: - stuffed animals with different textures and essential oil diffuser (yes, they brought a stuffed shark!) - a...
  14. CaptainAmerica

    OFF-TOPIC Happy Birthday!!

    Well, I'm wicked immature, if that counts!
  15. CaptainAmerica

    OFF-TOPIC Happy Birthday!!

    Good morning everyone! Today is my birthday! I love my birthday - it's my 2nd or 3rd favorite holiday! Someone else here is having a birthday today, so Many Happy Returns of the Day to you too! TreyAllDay reminded me about the importance of taking mini-vacations as we go, so we don't get all...
  16. CaptainAmerica

    RANT Business Growth VS Time Freedom. How to choose?

    At the very least, hire a VA to handle the admin stuff - there's no reason for you to do it unless it both pays more (it doesn't) and you enjoy it (you don't). Take the mini-vacations, align your values with what you do on the daily, and start delegating.
  17. CaptainAmerica

    INTRO Slowlaner from Oregon, done with software industry

    Hey, another Oregonian! Welcome to the wild side, man!
  18. CaptainAmerica

    Coping with serious disabilities?

    Wow, this is awesome stuff! Second time this week it's come up? Something like that. Here's the deal: your friend is never going to be his vision of whole and free. So - he needs to change that vision, and work towards something that he made up out of thin air. I can't work a straight job. I...
  19. CaptainAmerica

    GOLD! Fastlane Parenting (Tips, Tactics...)

    Proud parenting moment - my own, not my kids. My youngest just turned 18, and will be graduating High School in June. I did it - 31 years of parenting - that's a hell of a career! I failed a lot, and I questioned my decision to stay home with them almost daily for 17 years. I also started a...
  20. CaptainAmerica

    Too old to be an entrepreneur, a little late in the game at 35? I was sick for long time.

    ooh, wow. This is so awesome, everyone! Makip, you're still here, even after some painful criticism - good on you! Here's my situation: - didn't work until I was over 40 - visible scars - not the sharpest tool in the shed - only 4 - 6 hours of actual productive time available to work with...
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