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  1. banjoa

    Retail Arbitrage as a Side Hustle

    Two things to keep in mind if you want to do this: Speed: Go through this circle as fast as possible: money > inventory > money. This is your turn-around rate. Play it like a game and try to keep this under a week (money = total grubstake). Reinvest: Reinvest all profit and keep recycling...
  2. banjoa

    Books for becoming a better storyteller?

    Not a book but follow ben settle.
  3. banjoa

    Product vs Service - Which Do you Prefer to Sell?

    I prefer services as I’m still in the ‘stacking cash’ stage. Starting with products for many beginners is risky and most will fail at it. Why?: Selling products have too many moving parts and require multiple skill sets. Skill sets like: -Having a good eye for niches and products to sell...
  4. banjoa

    EXECUTION $1000/m in passive income with Niche Sites by January 2020

    You don’t even have to learn the skill. If you have to learn it don’t start with it. Find a skill you can PIRATE online. Find what’s working and SWIPE it. The skill should pass this two criteria: - Close to the money as possible (think sales letters) - fundamentals can be picked up in...
  5. banjoa

    Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    This thread reminds me of a post I read about finding a niche. Many people have difficulty finding ideas, niches or what to do because they think about what they can fulfill. Thinking about what you can fulfill/do will limit a lot of people in coming up with a business idea because most people...
  6. banjoa

    Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    That’s OP’s point. It’s none of your business. Just sell and leave that to someone else.
  7. banjoa

    Lex DeVille's - 200 Mostly Offline Rental Business Ideas

    How do you deal with people ghosting with your stuff? A drone for example.
  8. banjoa

    Finding Billion Dollar Secrets

    ‘Give the society something it wants but doesn’t know how to get yet’ - Naval
  9. banjoa

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's 2019 Step-By-Step Upwork Tutorial for Brokeass Bootstrap Beginners Who Need Cash Now!

    @Lex DeVille thanks for all the valuebomb. Lex, it's a bit difficult wrapping my head around this: '...I used a metaphor to SHOW them something different by talking about a "sea of sameness." If I wasn't doing this on video and distracted by that, I would spend even more time forming a more...
  10. banjoa

    Learning How To Learn

    This works. The problem is I end up taking so much notes.
  11. banjoa

    WEB SCHOOL Is there any money to be made in web/app design?

    A website alone can bring you money. There is ample demand for websites. You don’t need to solve any overarching problem when building websites for people. There are two kinds of people that need websites. People that know what to do with one and people that don’t. Build websites for the...
  12. banjoa

    WEB SCHOOL Is there any money to be made in web/app design?

    Yes. If you make something people want.
  13. banjoa

    INTRO+ 24 y/o Copywriter, Lost AF

    Amazing post rpeck90! How’s the article coming along? Are you done with it? Absolutely buzzing to read it!
  14. banjoa

    WEB SCHOOL Fox's 2019 Make $100k Starting Web Design from Scratch Challenge

    Rep transferred. This was helpful, Fox. Merry Christmas.
  15. banjoa

    Getting Your First 10 Sales

    Take my money!!!!!
  16. banjoa

    GOLD! Think big and then think bigger than that.

    This is what I’m struggling with. How do you know an idea is big enough? Looking at some of the biggest businesses around, there was no way in the world many of them knew they had something big. So how do you really distinguish the big ideas from the little ones? Yeah, sure they are some...
  17. banjoa

    OFF-TOPIC Interesting articles worth reading (and maybe commenting)...

    Conspicuously Consumed This is what great writing looks like. The writing is so captivating that I had my debit card hunting down the Rolexes!
  18. banjoa

    OFF-TOPIC Interesting articles worth reading (and maybe commenting)...

    The Evolution of Trust An interactive game that shows how trust works in the modern world and a game theory that explains it. Absolute Gold.
  19. banjoa

    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    Hello Sean. From what I’ve read about your thread (great thread by the way), I think the outsource all jobs is your unique twist here?
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