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  1. Dre2001

    NOTABLE! Sold my $30,000 p/mth website for $650k - My "near wealth experience" taught me this--> [MP3]

    Hey Bill, Thank you very much for taking your time and creating both PDF and audio plus following up to make sure all download links work so we can get them anytime. I'm in a process of finding a vehicle for business and the problem in front of me was - what do I do with the little income I...
  2. Dre2001

    New venture Website, Looking for feedback

    Is this still ongoing? You are selling car photos services- at the moment there is a photo of a Lambo in bad weather surrounded by Bentleys and another two photos of some close up (engine bay?) and another car. Visitor tuned in for What's Init For Me might just leave because: - There are many...
  3. Dre2001

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    Debt free since March 15 2019!
  4. Dre2001

    pay debts or use the money to invest?

    Get your FU money from null not below zero. Subzero is such a soul-crushing place!
  5. Dre2001

    WordPress or Learn to Code?

    The point of it all- actual customer will not check the source code to see on what technology that website is built with. They like the product or service - it goes into basket (or your email/phone rings). If something goes wrong- error this on iPhone, error 'not secure' and so on- they leave in...
  6. Dre2001

    Idea: technology to improve road safety

    Another way to begin - start with having it on vehicles on a set and predictable path like rails- trams, trains. Railway drivers (operators?) tend to loose attention due to not steering that much if any, perhaps? Rails stay on the map until reconstruction. Whole route can be scanned from A to...
  7. Dre2001

    OFF-TOPIC This is how scary AI has become

    Aahh.. And fake subs help them to be more influent because end user sees a lot of faces on that testimonials page?
  8. Dre2001

    OFF-TOPIC This is how scary AI has become

    Hm, what if this makes social media fade away because every other face and event is fake and people actually get to meet again to check if it's real? Would you post your epic party selfie and share that favourite cat video if AI robots like and comment on it?
  9. Dre2001

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    Decrease monthly consumer spending by 15% (950 to 780 EUR p/m average) by June. Have to pay off some gadgets and cancel a couple of subscriptions. Flip over my negative net worth (-2300 EUR to +2500) by June. I have a job and the debt is insured for a case of losing it. Have additional 500 EUR/m...
  10. Dre2001

    WEB SCHOOL Fox's 2019 Make $100k Starting Web Design from Scratch Challenge

    Great intro/episode one. I have more hard skills (coding) than natural soft skills- sales. And not much of a portfolio, at least not alive today. I hope sales is also a hard skill by definition! When pitching to clients, especially when building portf. - do you overpromise just to close or...
  11. Dre2001

    WEB SCHOOL Fox's 2019 Make $100k Starting Web Design from Scratch Challenge

    About themes- if you're like me and want to start from more or less blank (but not really code HTML for everything), SiteOrigin Page Builder is also a good tool. It is visual page builder, you add rows, divide them in columns by any ratio and insert any element in them: That way instead of...
  12. Dre2001

    If you're a musician, you're definitely an entrepreneur!

    Hey man, I used to have this music thing as a hobby. - You got to use that compressor/limiter so they actually listen - EQ out low-lows and bring out some guitars at 2300hz plus EQ down them muds at about 200hz - depends on genre of course - These days a lot of kit (speakers, earphones) amp the...
  13. Dre2001

    GOLD! A physicist's guide to learning hard things

    May 2019 - net worth finally not negative Dec 2019 - net worth barely for living for a year without any job
  14. Dre2001

    GOLD! A physicist's guide to learning hard things

    On and off with going over web (HTML, JS and related) tutorials and videos- nothing really sticks. But as soon as there is a real problem, troubleshooting and learning happens. Used to to blame it on my (supposed to be) personality type - ISTP, like the one who only learns by action and gets...
  15. Dre2001

    The 3 Wealth Personalities, Which Is You?

  16. Dre2001

    INTRO Making Six Figures Trading Time for hours...Tired of it

    "..the cage will be smaller (them wanting more of my life).." :fire:
  17. Dre2001

    GOLD! How to create monetary wealth in just 5 years. (Or less!)

    (hourly-wage)*(hours) + (0) + (0) + (0) [...]
  18. Dre2001

    *genuine call for productive discussion* (Music/Audio)

    Yea, how else do you cross the easy entry barrier today when everyone can perform, produce and even publish online in seconds. Reminder- as the title says this is for discussion, I'm not in a music industry.
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