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  1. BookwormMitch

    GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    It’s possible, a lot of people do it including me, but instead of paying a large chunk of fees for amazon, a large chunk of your money will be spent on advertising. They are complementary, but totally different business models in my opinion.
  2. BookwormMitch

    Feel Conned - Sometimes DIY approach is best...

    It’s possible your flier was put in people’s mailbox in a big bundle with other fliers and catalogues, tucked inside a catalogue or something
  3. BookwormMitch


    I finally listened to unscripted. I bought the physical book when it first came out and couldn’t finish it. My initial impression when reading the book was that mj had spent too much time alone dreaming up these formulars and I just couldn’t follow it, I don’t know how to describe what I mean...
  4. BookwormMitch

    NOTABLE! What is your personality? Find it out with a quick test!

    INTP-A / INTP-T The Logician personality type is fairly rare, making up only three percent of the population, which is definitely a good thing for them, as there’s nothing they’d be more unhappy about than being “common”. Logicians pride themselves on their inventiveness and creativity, their...
  5. BookwormMitch

    Grant Cardone - Just Read Sell or be Sold and Obsession Other books any good?

    I like listening to his "The Millionaire Booklet" audiobook, it's short and a good motivating reminder of the fast lane. There's no step by step practical learning, but more like a mindset or formula like Millionaire Fastlane is. His young hustlers earlier podcasts are enjoyable to listen to...
  6. BookwormMitch

    MEETUPS anyone in Bali or want to travel there?

    I will be in Bali from around 15 May to 4 June for a break and to see what it would be like living there. I’m planning to learn how to surf, have a look around, have some fun and get a bit of work done if anyone is interested in meeting up and doing something? I have been to Bali before on...
  7. BookwormMitch

    Impossible to get digital marketing job without degree?

    I saw free certifications above and notice Facebook blueprint was left out. I saw a job advertised recently that had it as an advantage to have done it so there’s something else you can do. If you’ve got some money maybe build a store and run some ads and use it as a case study if you don’t...
  8. BookwormMitch

    OFF-TOPIC Where would you Travel to for learning?

    What’s wrong with Vietnam? I’ve been twice as a tourist and loved it, kind of wanted to move ther both times China is a cool and an experience, not many people speak English but there’s a lot there to see and do. The absolute lack of English and such a huge country and different culture can...
  9. BookwormMitch

    $5000 products imported: damaged packaging and not meeting what I requested

    You may be able to try and file a chargeback with your credit card company as a last resort
  10. BookwormMitch

    How much $$$ would you need to significantly change your lifestyle?

    Ive recently looked into credit card points. From what I’ve read you should buy business and first class flights with airpoints. Earn airpoints from credit cards business spending. Business class costs about 7x the price of economy but only 2x the points of economy. First is about 3x the...
  11. BookwormMitch

    Torn between two mentors with opposite viewpoints on startup process

    I think you may have missed one of the big points of the lean startup. Part of the lean startup is that you pivot to what your customers want. You could spend all your time and money and find they want something different and by then have no money left to create it, or if you did, the money...
  12. BookwormMitch

    NOTABLE! Buy a float tank. Change your life.

    The tanks have speakers, whether or not you could play your own audio if you were renting one for an hour though I’m not sure
  13. BookwormMitch

    EXECUTION Bought 2 new websites from Shopify Exchange

    Have you got hotjar or lucky orange? It sounds like there could actually be an issue with your your site functions on mobile, it could be the layout too but to get no ad to carts would suggest maybe it actually doesn’t work
  14. BookwormMitch

    EXECUTION Bought 2 new websites from Shopify Exchange

    I’ve been looking, from what I’ve found so far unless you want to spend a fair bit of money you’d be better starting your own
  15. BookwormMitch

    EXECUTION Bought 2 new websites from Shopify Exchange

    You may as well just freelance if you are going to do this, people would be charging more than this to build a store for someone and you have a sale before you’ve even done any work. Shopify has its own freelancers marketplace too called Shopify experts
  16. BookwormMitch

    I just put my house up for sale and no one I know understands why

    If the people who are telling you not to sell your house are not living the life you want to be living then why would you follow thier advice? Same goes for understanding, if they understood they would probably have made similar decisions in thier life and be living where you want to be.
  17. BookwormMitch

    Is there a constant fear in the back of your mind even if you're a successful Entrepreneur?

    I just want to comment and say I have the exact same feeling all the time. Thank you for posting this thread and thank you all for all the replies.
  18. BookwormMitch

    Twenty-Three Year-Old Facebook Founder worth $5 billion

    If you have any predictions for the future I’m all ears, incredibly accurate prediction.
  19. BookwormMitch

    Financial Coach/Mentor?

    I agree. The richest man in Babylon, which can be listened to as an audio book, and the barefoot investor are 2 other books that say the same thing in a different way.
  20. BookwormMitch

    Financial Coach/Mentor?

    My reply was in relation to his reply not the OP. He doesn’t even had a laptop, and is posting on Instagram thinking that it will make him money. I could be wrong but I assumed he is on a very low income, anyone on a high income wanting to be an entrepreneur who has got themselves into a hole...
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