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  1. Starting a Wordpress website

    I'd like to thank you for your post.... I thought about that question from the second I read it and all day after that.....I mean really think while talking with myself. You're right also at first I was ready to turn negative while reading....until the end where I felt the smack in the face and...
  2. Starting a Wordpress website

    I appreciate you taking the time to type all that out. I have spent 10 hours basically trying to figure out where to paste a simple code and it is driving me nuts. I have read so much and watch so many videos and I swear to you what I see on my accounts and screen does not match what they show...
  3. Google analytics 1st time user

    I have just put my word press site up and trying to set up Google analytics without a plug-in. I am struggling with where to put or I should say paste the code on my word press site from Google analytics. The Google help center tells me to go to my admin on Google analytics and there should be...
  4. Starting a Wordpress website

    My site is live after paying someone on fiver to set up...but he did the minimum and I'm ow trying to do the seo part myself..... I do have the jet pack that comes with it but I'm very hesitant to activate it. Everybody is so mixed on their opinion of using it or not and I just don't trust...
  5. Starting a Wordpress website

    I hear someone telling me I'm getting in my own way again.....but at the same time I'm just trying to do this right because if I don't...I'm setting myself up for headaches and most importantly...wasted time and money down the road. Appreciate the words, thanks
  6. Starting a Wordpress website

    Do you think it will hurt my layout even more if I try that one now? Would be my 4th theme trying
  7. Starting a Wordpress website

    I am so drained......I'm on my 3rd free theme currently....the other two I couldn't get to work as videos showed and support ignored me so I figured if they're ignoring me now then why the hell what I want my site with them so I deleted them. Onetone, avada and now Astrid which is a basic...
  8. Starting a Wordpress website

    I'm on my 3rd theme.....this is ridiculous....2.5 says straight at this I'm currently trying Astrid theme but it's not working as video shows.....seems like anything free is just set up to hurt me later.... I'm looking at maybe spending the money on avada theme....stressed out Thanks for tips
  9. Starting a Wordpress website

    I messed up that last reply.....I responded under each paragraph and it blended into yours except on the's late and I'm not all there
  10. Starting a Wordpress website

    Going back to clicking.....more I click the more I been moving slightly...after reading some of your stuff I'm a little more nervous that once this is all set up is going to become a huge headache. Thank you for the time put into this response.....very helpful!
  11. Starting a Wordpress website

    Yep...I used namecheap and siteground I'm using a free theme from Wordpress called onetone but having problems with customizing it.....been at it since yesterday. Should I be afraid to install plug ins because could mess up the site??? Just basic ones free I think would make this so much easier...
  12. Starting a Wordpress website

    I'm worried about plug ins because changes the coding from what told. I'm afraid I'll mess something up with plug ins but know I need them.....confusing. Plug ins look to make this all easier but at what cost I worry..... Thanks for java script tip
  13. Starting a Wordpress website

    I will look into that I did see divi but avoiding paying if can....pretty sure it wasn't free. I'm inching along....anybody know if the jet pack is worth keeping on here as a plug in? Thank you guys for responses
  14. Starting a Wordpress website

    This post will be used one day by someone so just leaving a trail of something I thought was nice to check that I just found..... This tests the template you're considering to see if mobile friendly....good idea to do...
  15. Starting a Wordpress website

    Thank you.....Yes I looked it up from the developer.....If you could see her version of what to's just not to helpful could say. I was hung up on a few hours of something so stupid and I did not find the resolution until I contacted site ground.....again they were very helpful and...
  16. Starting a Wordpress website

    Thank you.....looked on his link A man I wrong or is his Facebook link mainly for web designers? I'm so frustrated....times going, I'm not.... I know people have recommended theme Forest and I'm wondering if I would have bought one off there does that mean it's already to go and I don't have to...
  17. Starting a Wordpress website

    Another great tip... thank you! Im struggling........been at this nonstop almost and don't feel I'm moving much.....navigating is super slow and I think because I'm on iPad......I'm not sure what to do but figuring as go....want to do it right and NOT WASTE TIME mainly......onetone is the...
  18. Starting a Wordpress website

    Thanks! I'll make a note of that.....currently I'm stuck on the theme I chose. I downloaded it from Wordpress but having trouble customizing it of course because this is all new to me. I'm worried about choosing a theme and putting in all the work to it then finding out the theme has issues and...
  19. Starting a Wordpress website

    Thanks for reply....I used namecheap and went with siteground. It was between siteground and hostgator....I had both customer service chats going and hostgator was like talking to a kid and siteground talking to a complete experienced I paid the extra few bucks.
  20. Starting a Wordpress website

    Bought the domain name and now deciding between hosts host gator or siteground.....imwant to just hurry and choose one but I'm trying to not go to fast and miss things like comparing the pricing that changes after intro price expires.......keep peeking on here to see tips as I go......thanks for...
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