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    OFF-TOPIC *Would anyone want to share a lake house with me?* (possibly for free)

    If my twin brother and I weren't locked into a lease till next August I'd be all damn over this. We're both also 22 too and live in Renton. We should link up sometime. It'd be great to meet a true entrepreneur that is also the same age!
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    INTRO If I was your son, what advice or direction would you give me?

    awwww you deleted it? I was loving it - refreshed the page quickly and poof!
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    INTRO Re-Introduction - More Debt Than I've Ever Had

    Great question. It all started with selling too much too fast and delays getting inventory from China. The delay in getting inventory resulted in a stock out and losing all ranking. I want didn't this to happen again so I placed a much BIGGER order. After getting the new inventory I worked...
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    INTRO Re-Introduction - More Debt Than I've Ever Had

    Made some edits. Hopefully, it is more clear now.
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    INTRO Re-Introduction - More Debt Than I've Ever Had

    Hi. The IG business didn't kill the Amazon business. After the Amazon business crashed I spent money learning Instagram and how to monetize it in an effort to get something going again.
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    INTRO Re-Introduction - More Debt Than I've Ever Had

    I would say the most stressed I've ever been but I am past that point now. I've been 'self-employed' for about the last year or so and now that that is coming to an end. Not sure where I left off here at this forum since the last time I was here. Throughout the past year, I was running a very...
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    HOT TOPIC Starting a Copywriting Freelance Business. How well do I sell myself?

    Niche down. What niche do you specialize in? You will struggle to get paid more than a few bucks being a jack of all trades copywriter. It appears you spent 90% of the time educating the customer than selling them. I also did not see a story in there. It doesn't need to be a long story...
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    OFF-TOPIC #DeleteFacebook

    I use it for FB groups I am apart of and to spy on ads & funnels of other companies (and man have I come away with some gems). Really comes down to how you use it. I don't care about any of the posts from 'friends' on FB so I don't get consumed by them. It's the FB groups with IM'ers that do...
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    EXECUTION Marketing Agency - (Not a Tai Lopez Wannabe) Finally Going on My Own

    Whenever you see bad local ads, reach out to them. The hardest client is your first client, if you get them results, the clients will come. Business owners know other business owners. There are a ton of SMM and SEO agencies that have burned local businesses. You will want data/proof on your...
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    MEETUPS Portland OR / Vancouver WA Meetup

    I am just outside of Seattle a few minutes, I don't mind driving some distance to meet the locals! EDIT: I frequently travel to Skagit County on the weekends too.
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    OFF-TOPIC Why Ferraris Keep People Poor

    Correct. Not everyone here has read TMF.
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    OFF-TOPIC Why Ferraris Keep People Poor

    C'mon dude, use your brain.
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    OFF-TOPIC Why Ferraris Keep People Poor

    unfortunately, people aren't going to watch the video and then see your comment. Then, they will make some off the wall comment that is totally unrelated to the post like yours.
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    OFF-TOPIC Why Ferraris Keep People Poor

    great, gonna say this again. Did you even watch the video? Sh*t
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    OFF-TOPIC Why Ferraris Keep People Poor

    Did you watch the video? That's not what he was talking about...
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    OFF-TOPIC Why Ferraris Keep People Poor

    I wish I had seen this video years ago, it would have saved me a great deal of frustration. Maybe it will save you that frustration too? (This is for newbies. Well newbie me would have benefitted from this) edit: Before you make an assumption and a stupid comment based on the title, watch...
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    NOTABLE! 1,000,000 Followers On Social Media: How I Am Doing It & How You Can Too

    I can only speak for the niche I have paid for so far, which is automotive pages. Creator type pages will cost a great deal more typically. I paid $40 for a caption ad on a 2mil account and $20 for a 400k account. The ad type makes a difference. If you are going to run an influencer ad, DO a...
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    NOTABLE! 1,000,000 Followers On Social Media: How I Am Doing It & How You Can Too

    I've gotten better results from buying shoutouts from pages in the 100k-500k range than 1mil+ These bigger pages if anything have less reach than a 500k as the algorithm DOES favor accounts that aren't as big. It's IG's way of helping accounts grow. Plus these accounts with bigger followings...
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    Your Questions for a $70 MILLION Man... ??

    Efficiency... How does he maximize efficiency in his day to day? Please let me know if he answers this, or at least keep this thread updated when the interview is available.

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