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  1. GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    What strategy would you advise in a small market for example Netherlands population 17 million?
  2. EXECUTION Launched my fitness infoproduct, first week sales = $7150

    Fantastic progress! enjoyed reading it. I'm currently looking at the infoproduct route. But I'm not an expert myself. So i'm looking to license an existing infoproduct. Do you think this can work? or would I provide to little value because I haven't written the content myself.
  3. Lead Gen for Local Service Businesses

    I assume you have done so already but just to be sure have you looked at? Google will track clicks that lead to calls by dynamically inserting a Google forwarding number on your website that measures the calls made by...
  4. Fastlane How can a freelance consultant be time independent?

    I've been thinking about this subject for some time how to change consulting / contracting into sometime fastlane. Best thing I came up with is a subscription site. For example I'm doing Microsoft contracting work. I client will hire me to implement a microsoft product. They either hire me...
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