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  1. alekssiht

    EXECUTION AMAZON FBA, packaging question before sending to amazon warehouse

    Hello I have this problem or rather a question. Im starting to do FBA, fulfilled by amazon, and I cant figure this out - When packaging my product, do I have to put bar code on every product? Like my product is in a velvet baggy. Cant imagne a bar code on it...Or can I put the bar code on...
  2. alekssiht

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    I think it was when I paid off my mothers fast loan. It had such a positive effect.
  3. alekssiht

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    So this ia the year 1 take the first step towards my dream. Opening a business and getting to know the process. In addition, breaking my bad habit/addiction, call it as you like, from stimulant abuse. Got myself in this crap, will get myself out. Hope you all achive your goals or get a good...
  4. alekssiht

    Setting up a business in Bulgaria vs Estonia

    Hey, mabye this can give you any clarity Eesti riigi infoportaal |
  5. alekssiht

    How To Properly Thank A Fastlaner

    Thank you for sharing this valuable piece of a puzzle. In addition, for being so generous with recognizion we all need to push on! Have a wonderful day!
  6. alekssiht


    Hello! Will there be an estonian version of Unscripted? TMF is translated, just wondering.
  7. alekssiht

    cleaning business, starting. What are the crucial things to do before the launch.

    Alright, seems like I am on the right path then. But what would be a smarter way to approach. Maping the needs of a customer and would it be smart to offer a test object for free(a reasonable size job) to prove my competents and if the customer is satisfied then start forming a strong relationship.
  8. alekssiht

    cleaning business, starting. What are the crucial things to do before the launch.

    Hello dear reader So, like the title says, having a plan to start the process. I've got the plan written out, have the experience as a worker in that field. Got the WHY and there seems to be increasing trend in that field in my country. I know that this field may not be that profitable but I...
  9. alekssiht

    Front-end, is it worth?

    Thanks a lot for all the ideas!
  10. alekssiht

    Help. Girl Issues.

    Well, marrying should be considered 3 times and then 3 times more and at your age, dont do it. And a long-distance relationships are, in my opinion, too nerv wrecking and risky. You're on a good path at the moment, grind grind grind.
  11. alekssiht

    Front-end, is it worth?

    Thanks alot man, that was an eye opener for sure.
  12. alekssiht

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Got 100 pages to go. Must say, you hit the nail with that book!
  13. alekssiht

    Front-end, is it worth?

    So I am faced with a decision here, because it is gonna take some time to learn. Thinking about learning front-end to do some freelance in the future. Seems like a promising idea and in todays world, sounds like a thing "good to know" for side hustle. Any suggestions/toughts?
  14. alekssiht

    INTRO Just joined and some introduction from me

    Oi jah, väga meeldiv! Aitäh ja sulle samuti!
  15. alekssiht

    INTRO Just joined and some introduction from me

    Hello Im from Estonia, Baltic country, Europe Im 22 years old, have had an burning desire for a better life. Life at the FASTLANE! Came from poverty with my dear Mother, saw what a parent can do for her child, so now it is my turn to give back to her! Constantly acquiring new knowledge. The...
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