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  1. Who have you helped?

    Really appreciating! I mean who cares, everyone wants to earn money and nobody is interested in helping someone without any benefit.
  2. Business Process Management: What are the best available tools for workflow automation?

    workflow automation is all about bringing flow in your business activities. This is possible only when a business owner maintains his business properly. In my opinion, you should once check out the features of '' and rest, you can information from all possible sources to get better...
  3. How I (didn't) become a millionaire at 19

    Dude! You might be an inspiration for a lot of young entrepreneurs out there, but this scene can't be the same for everyone. I mean not everyone who drop education will become successful in entrepreneurship:(
  4. NOTABLE! Growing your Instagram account, strategy and discussion

    Forget "Follow/Unfollow" technique. Just stick to making constant improvement in your posts as it will help you get featured on Instagram with massive organic followers.
  5. Speed Reading: Is it worth it?

    Reading is worth, but what about correct pronounciation dude! I mean this problem is with me of making incorrect pronounciation while reading too fast.
  6. NOTABLE! Growing your Instagram account, strategy and discussion

    19, I think is quite a low limit for following people in a single day. And I didn't find any such group till now (might be there, I am the newbie here). I recommend going with content strategies to gain more followers on Instagram rather than follow/unfollow techniques.
  7. INTRO You're from where??

    Hey there! This is Lavern, I just joined this community and glad to be. I am from Florida, USA and have the intention of grabbing better skills of SEO.
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