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  1. Scott Robertson

    O/T: HEALTH My Experience Eating Keto/Carnivore

    Interesting post. I've heard a lot about keto within the last ~year via Joe Rogan's podcast. How active are you? Personally, I've found that a diet with carbs provides me with more energy vs a ketogenic diet, but I run a lot and lift weights. (Keep in mind my carbs are mostly...
  2. Scott Robertson

    A good example of advertising with YouTube

    This is an interesting case study, but how well d you think it will work for a saturated market/product?
  3. Scott Robertson

    SMS Marketing?

    Simply put, have you ever not read a text message that was sent to your phone? As you said, the open rate is over 98%. Personally, I've found SMS marketing to work well for some industries but not so well for others. I've used several platforms including Twilio and products...
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