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  1. Taktik

    Guilty conscience when not working on business – what to do

    A couple of years ago I started a company and then something really stressing occured: I had a guilty conscience, when I was not working on my business, but instead did something else, like reading a book, meeting friends or just watching a film. All the time I felt like I could do something for...
  2. Taktik

    Value Skews – How many are enough?

    Hello, I am thinking of selling a product in an existing market with some value skews. The question is, how many value skews are enough? Let's say, that I am going to sell something, that another company is successfully selling. The only difference would be, that my company would have a much...
  3. Taktik

    Copywriting/Freelancing to get going

    Hi, I have been on the forum for a couple of months now and tried to take action, but I am sort of paralysed, because I don`t really know, what to do, and I am afraid to lose money. So right now I am thinking of starting in the freelance world as a copywriter. That would have three benefits...
  4. Taktik

    Supplement idea: manufacturers cannot produce it - what to do now?

    Hello, I need some help. In the last couple of weeks I worked on a concept for a supplement, that I wanted to bring on the market. I had the idea, because I always had some problems with many supplements, so there was a need, at least for me. After finishing the concept, I started to look for...
  5. Taktik

    Make money with private label - how to provide value?

    Hello, in order to start my business, I need to raise some money first. Because of that, I thought of selling some private label products. The questions, that I am struggling with at the moment, are: 1. Is private / white labeling a good idea to make some money? 2. How can I provide extra...
  6. Taktik

    Too many Options -> Decision Paralysis

    I am quite new in this forum and so far I find that there is a ton of great tips and tricks, really helpful information. But I have a problem: the more I read, the more frustrated I get. Every thread is like the door to the world of possibilities, businesses you could start and so on. The...
  7. Taktik

    When to start investing in stocks

    I was wondering when you should start investing in the stock market. How much money should you have left every month to invest in the stock market so that it really pays of? What do you do with the money before you have that particular amount every month? Let`s say for example, that you have...
  8. Taktik

    INTRO Not doing it for the money

    Hi, I am 33 years old and am currently working in marketing and PR in an e-commerce-business. Altough I really like my job and everything is fine, I always felt somehow dissatisfied, because I thought that I could earn more. (At least I thought, that was the problem. More on that later.) So in...
  9. Taktik

    Thought Experiment

    Hello, last weekend I met a friend of mine and we discussed some business ideas, that we have. In that process, we came up with some kind of thought experiment about a business concept for a side business. So the idea is to build a brand based on products made out of seaweed. So basically, the...
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