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  1. JohnZ123

    Music that Motivates

    View: Any music from "Two Steps From Hell". Great thread btw I needed some new music selections.
  2. JohnZ123

    NOTABLE! My opinion of the Amazon Marketplace

    Agreed, this is excellent advice. Thank you for your post!
  3. JohnZ123

    What is the best Skill to have to get Rich?

    Two most important skills/traits for entrepreneurship 1. Focus (Bill Gates & Warren Buffet Stated) 2. Resourcefulness (Jeff Bezo Stated)
  4. JohnZ123

    What are you sacrificing?

    I'm sacrificing everything besides family (mom and dad) and my true friends (I have 4). The only new friends I make are business related. Long term relationships/dating don't interest me since it takes time away from my businesses. I'm 22 and I will most likely stay single until my 30s and...
  5. JohnZ123

    Lost... about to be homeless.

    Failure is part of the process. I failed my first business 3 and a half years ago and was only left with a couple hundred in my bank before succeeding on my first e-commerce business. Here are some steps I took that may help you. 1. Move back home with your parents. It's not the "cool" thing to...
  6. JohnZ123

    [Progress] The Road to a wholesome Unscripted Life

    Being east asian myself and having a few relatives in Singapore, asian culture places a lot of emphasis on money even more than western culture. In North America you have a certain group of naive people saying how "money doesn't matter". In asian culture you'll rarely ever hear that BS and...
  7. JohnZ123

    Fiance is calling my business "his/our" business, threatening to sue me

    Have you even tested the market and demand yet? Is it generating profit? Seems like a lot of action fake to me. Also, the solution to your relationship issue is extremely obvious.
  8. JohnZ123

    INTRO Young ambitious mind in need of further guidance

    Hey Thomas I think it's really awesome you're being very resourceful. I'm also from Toronto, Canada with a lot of relatives in Montreal. If you're ever down to meet up or at least keep in touch online let me know!
  9. JohnZ123

    INTRO Hello from Colorado

    Welcome Franklyn!
  10. JohnZ123


  11. JohnZ123

    Swim caps?

    It's a good beginner niche. If you manage to build consistent demand then it can be a good passive business once you utilize FBA. If not then you wouldn't lose much money since swim caps are cheap. Either way you will gain a lot of experience so I recommend going for it.
  12. JohnZ123

    LANDFILL Stop, saying it doesn't take money to make money and prove IT

    This post by OP is garbage. #landfill
  13. JohnZ123

    Can I Have Friends ?

    Not everyone can make the sacrifice it takes to achieve the fastlane. Here is some things you need to clarify and know. Are you afraid of being lonely? Entrepreneurship itself is a very lonely journey. You're essentially a minority among the human population. Majority of people are slowlaners...
  14. JohnZ123

    How did this founder of a group become the youngest billionaire in Africa?

    Interesting, I do see a lot of Chinese investors starting businesses in that region so there's definitely a lot of potential.
  15. JohnZ123

    I have zero motivation to work after losing over $100,000

    Suck it up. Entrepreneurship is meant to be tough and you're going to face failure and criticism. Recall why you started entrepreneurship in the first place. Your WHY should be strong enough to drive you. If you don't feel motivated it's because you haven't experienced enough pain. When life...
  16. JohnZ123

    NOTABLE! Navigating the changes at Amazon since we started

    You're dropping some crazy gold nuggets here. It's very applicable to my current situation. Thanks for the advice!
  17. JohnZ123

    Applying FastLane Principles to Finding Love?

    The harsh reality is it's a lot harder for women to find a quality mate after 30. That's why you will see women eager to settle down and getting married as soon as possible. If they don't get married in their prime then the option in mates decreases. The best looking or rich or famous male in...
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