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  1. OFF-TOPIC Absolutely Amazing Young Athlete

    Maybe the Patriots should have recruited her! YOU THINK?
  2. Scam Alert!!!

    There is a scam (one of many I'm sure) that you may or may not be aware of. It involves a company called - CAREER TRAINING INSTITUTE (WPS) They "assure" you that once you submit their course fee of $249.00 and complete their course, they will find you a Fortune 500 company that you can work...
  3. OFF-TOPIC Absolutely Amazing Young Athlete

    I truly enjoy this video! Just goes to show you that these are the next Michael Jordans, Kobe Bryants, and Lebron James. As for the size issue as stated earlier; did we forget who Spudd Webb was?
  4. Is There Profit In Non-Profit?

    I am so excited by all of your responses. They have really helped me. As for you PHxMJ, I am very inspired as your response hit the nail on the head! My non-prof WILL benefit millions and therefore, my goal is just that. Million ++ (Only after I have helped those in need first of course)...
  5. Its never too late!

    Very interesting! Just proves that you're never too old to achieve success! I only hope I look that good when I am 106!:jiggy:
  6. Is There Profit In Non-Profit?

    There is a GREAT need for a non-profit business I'm starting up. I have done all my research, have the forms necessary to fill out, am this close to gov't funding, and there is a scarce amount of competition! Although there is a need here for this type of service, is there $$$ to be made in...
  7. Countrywide Loans - Under Investigation

    Anybody here about this company being under investigation? I heard something like they were part of this forclosure down-spiral?
  8. OFF-TOPIC Attitude Shot Down in Flames.

    Saw that myself! The most humorous one I thought was the last one who came in with the wacky wig, strange voices, and was left standing there asking, "Am I in? Is that a yes or a no?"
  9. Where to put your BIG money?

    I have heard different stories, both good and bad, about offshore accounts. Anybody want to elaborate?
  10. Business cards...

    I found an interesting site that might help. See if it's worth anything to you.
  11. Creating an Emergency Savings Plan

    Not sure if anybody saw this, so I thought I'd post it. I think this has some great info here! "How to establish an easy-to-access Emergency Cash Fund to cover life's little hiccups" 1) Figure out how much cash you need each month for food, shelter, transportation, and other necessities...
  12. How profitable do you think a candy kiosk in the mall will be?

    Re: How profitable do you think a candy kiosk in the mall will be I was just curious if there was any "hotdog cart" success stories, and I happen to stumble across this one. Kind of interesting, I thought.:eusa_clap...
  13. Real Estate America's Hardest-Hit Foreclosure Spots

    Are you not forgetting Ventura County? This is where one of many Countrywide offices (HQ in Calabasas) are located and I'm sure we all remember the financial fiasco they seemed to cause, right?
  14. Real Estate Best/worse places to buy

    I have folks that live in Tampa. I can honestly say that the housing market there is substantially less in price considering what the market here in California is. Average cost of a "dream" here is roughly around $450K, and that is usaually a fixer-upper!
  15. How to Win Friends and Influence People

    andviv, I too, have this book and am glad you recommended it. It really has some great insight! Thanks again for mentioning it.
  16. Suggestions Thread

    If you have ever been in the military, you would realize that everything you do MUST be earned!!! Your life depends on it! I HAVE been in the military and have never forgot those lessons taught, even today! Therefore, a "free one-on-one mentorship" IS the farthest thing from my mind...
  17. SUCCESS STORY : Worlds Richest man Carlos Slim

    I'm not familiar w/ the mexican phone company, but why isn't there some sort of competition there like there is here?
  18. How I Did It: Mel Zuckerman, Chairman, Canyon Ranch

    Great mindset Yankees338! I can tell you today, that the youth in So CA are definately not thinking the way you are! You have seemed to figure it out at the perfect time. If only I had your mindset when I was your age! Today, I do! Better late than never?
  19. SUCCESS STORY : Worlds Richest man Carlos Slim

    I must say I agree with CACTUSWREN! I spoke with an associate of mine today on this very subject. I thought that it was Bill Gates but he said it was a "russian"? guy who created GOOGLE? Anybody want to verify this? By the way, LOVE Napoleon Hill!!!:love1:
  20. How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis

    I recently picked up a this book entitled, "REALLIONAIRE" - Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out The Essential Lessons that Took Me From Public Assistance to a Millionaire by the Age of 14 Written by: Farrah Gray with Fran Harris Inside the front cover has the true...
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