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  1. YanC

    Lex DeVille's - 200 Mostly Offline Rental Business Ideas

    I love this thread. I've been thinking about this recently as I'm in the real estate business and was wondering what else could be rented. Why not marimbas? Marimba Rental Business Hits All The Right Notes | Side Hustle School
  2. YanC

    Dealing with porn and other addictions

    I suggest you read Your Brain on Porn by Gary Wilson. Knowing what's going on and how the mechanisms work is very helpful to act and make a change.
  3. YanC

    Which are some books to get my feet wet into ... how do I call this

    Not very sure what you're looking for, but I suggest you read Meditations from Marcus Aurelius. He was a Roman emperor and one of the most prominent stoic thinkers. The Romans gave a practical touch to the Greek philosophy that makes it more usable to me. This man was definitely very high on...
  4. YanC

    Real Estate My Golden Airbnb Calendar Strategy

    They take 3% on the host and 8 to 12% on the guest. You could say it's a lot, but at the same time it's like they handle 90% of your marketing and put you in front of millions of customers so... As I add units I'll work on my own website though, I prefer that extra 15% to be in my pocket. And if...
  5. YanC

    Real Estate My Golden Airbnb Calendar Strategy

    I like your idea, I had the same recently as I'm looking for a way to minimize one night stays, which are a bit of a hassle. I'm in the short term rental game myself, in France. I lived in Sao Paulo for 2 years, just out of curiosity in which neighborhood are your units located? Yes, you can...
  6. YanC

    GOLD! This is what 60 Pounds (27 KGS) Looks Like

    I gave a shot a year ago at his slow carb diet and the workouts from his book (The 4 Hour Body), honestly I was quite amazed at the results (goal was to burn a bit of fat and build muscle). I had been working out more or less all the time for years in support of other sports (rugby) before, and...
  7. YanC

    Do Short Term Rentals have the risk of being a commodity?

    Very interesting thread to follow as I'm getting started in this field in France (first condo has been renting for a month now, working on the renovation of the second). Usually what happens in the US happens 2-5 years later here, as we lag behind. I guess, from the little knowledge I have of...
  8. YanC

    Listen. And Significantly Grow Your Business.

    I didn't know about Zappos, I'll check them out! Thank you for the insight. Have a good day. Yan
  9. YanC

    The Learning a New Language Thread

    I wanna learn how to speak Japanese. I had always been interested in Japanese culture, and after traveling there last year I fell in love with it. Amazing country and people. As a rugby fan, my goal is to go back to Japan for the World Cup in 2019 speaking some Japanese. If someone needs it, I...
  10. YanC

    Listen. And Significantly Grow Your Business.

    What a great story to start the day. Full of wisdom. As a beginner in the world of entrepreneurship, I hear and read a lot about how you should build your business so you have to deal with customers as little as possible. "They take your time. They are a pain"... Well, you show us another way...
  11. YanC

    INTRO Who I am, Siloa from France

    I think no one has it completely figured out. From the outside, it may seem that people do, but you only see the bright side. I really liked to read James Altucher's books for this reason. He's a successful entrepreneur and likes to say he failed at 17 businesses out of 20 (but 3 were enough!)...
  12. YanC

    INTRO Who I am, Siloa from France

    Yeah TMF is a great book, and you should definitely check out Unscripted afterwards. It provides with a very extensive blueprint for developing a business, from mindset to finding a worthy idea to execution. I don't really know about these courses, I guess some are scams and others are great. I...
  13. YanC

    INTRO Who I am, Siloa from France

    Welcome to the forum! Looks like there's a bunch of French here :) An idea is something you have to actively look for. You will unlikely stumble on the greatest idea ever by chance. By no means am I a yet successful entrepreneur, but I'm at that step of the process right now, so I've been...
  14. YanC

    Join Our Skype Project

    Very interesting idea, I'll PM you my Skype ID. Thanks for the thread!
  15. YanC

    Music that Motivates

    Fearless Motivation is super inspiring to me. The lyrics usually go straight to the point. This is one of many I listen to a lot from them. I don't listen ot it while I'm working though, as lyrics are a distraction.
  16. YanC

    INTRO From backpacking to fastlane process

    Hello all, For a long time I just followed the flow. I wasn't too bad at school, I wasn't too bad in sciences, so I got an engineering degree, which is what you do in that situation if, as most, you have no clue about what you want in life. Even got an advanced degree. Then a job. I always had...
  17. YanC


    Just read Unscripted right after finishing The Millionnaire Fastlane, I spent my whole week with these. I was impressed at how extensive MJ's analysis is, covering the whole process from scratch and all its different aspects, from psychology to execution. It is an amazing blueprint to start...
  18. YanC

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Just finished The Millionnaire Fastlane, one of my best reads ever. I particularly liked MJ's kind of raw talk about the process, especially not sugarcoating difficulties. Now it is time to apply it. Thank you and congratulations for the great work.
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