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  1. Sauce

    Real Estate Disrupting the MLS

    Hoping /USER] , @JScott and @SteveO will chime in here :) Love hearing @Red s thoughts as well.
  2. Sauce

    Real Estate Disrupting the MLS

    I think this will work for certain types of sales. Unfortunately, the best way to reach the widest market is via MLS. The bigger disruption is (potentially) on this lawsuit. What The Bombshell Buyer-Side Lawsuit Means For Realtors
  3. Sauce

    Real Estate I think I'm getting extorted (community fees)

    Could be a special asessment? (Maybe they had a bunch of roofs go bad, maybe the pool area needed to be resurfaced, maybe the Mansard siding need to be replaced? I own a condo with a $175 per month fee. It is a decent performer. Good thing about it is I am only responsible from the sheet rock...
  4. Sauce

    Why they say "McDonald's is more a real estate business than a food business"?

    I don't know how true this is any more. Most McDonalds are ground leases. There are several reasons including: A ground lease substantially reduces the tenant's front-end development costs because it eliminates land acquisition costs. All rent payments made under a ground lease are deductible...
  5. Sauce

    Retail Strip Center Sold

    I remember you showing the property to me a few years ago when you first bought it and it was partially vacant. Glad it has worked out for you. You added a tremendous amount of value to my life, and that meeting with you set in motion a huge change in my life that I will never forget. The nex...
  6. Sauce

    Under Contract on 98 units in Phoenix!

    I think you may be able to do better on the appliances. Work with your pro desk. This is a quote I got recently from Lowes, all black setup with an OTR micro (my rep was able to get those down to about $160 per so the quote should be about $60 less). Also, if you use the preload card, you can...
  7. Sauce

    FEATURED! Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    According to Wikipedia a " tiny houses (less than 400 square feet (37 m2)), with some as small as 80 square feet (7.4 m2)." I don't think the tiny house thing is a long term viable option, especially for older people. Take a look at the picture of this loft. Imagine, when you are in your...
  8. Sauce

    Under Contract on 98 units in Phoenix!

    Congrats Ben. Looking forward to hearing about the details as things progress!
  9. Sauce

    Robert kiyosaki method

    @Late Bloomer I don't care how it makes me feel, only the results it gives me. I reread my post and it sounds like I may be coming off brash or harsh, that wasn't my intent. But one thing I have learned from RK in Cash Flow Quadrant (I am rereading this now) is to listen to those who have...
  10. Sauce

    Robert kiyosaki method

    @Late Bloomer I keep asking myself, why should I listen to you? Are you further along than I am? Do you have a background in REI? Here is what I know and I will repeat. Rdpd changed my life forever. I have done over 100 flips, own 30 rental units, this year I will do over 50 deals. I don't...
  11. Sauce

    Robert kiyosaki method

    There are tons of people out there selling their info products. They are extremely predatory especially in the RE arena. Good operators are few and far between and RDPD seminars are among the worst. These courses are tailor made for people in the slow lane following the script. With that...
  12. Sauce

    Real Estate RE - to sell or to hold?

    In my mind projects like these are a very concerning sign of the times. When hard times inevitably come, these will be the first to go vacant. Also, most folks that can afford that kind of rent, will be making $150k plus and are more likely homeowners that could be buying a $600k plus house...
  13. Sauce

    Real Estate RE - to sell or to hold?

    @Real Deal Denver how much are those duplexes renting for? I don't care what your net worth is if you are cash flow negative, that's a recipe for disaster and more speculation than investing.
  14. Sauce

    Land Game (Lot Splitting and Investing)

    Can you get an engineer to do a site plan and stamp it? The stamp and the engineers insurance can go a long way to getting it approved.
  15. Sauce

    23 Offers on this - thoughts?

    @samgrooms I am going to have to disagree with you here. As millenials get older, get married, and have kids, they will not want to live in an apartment. They want stability, a great school district, and a safe place (backyard) for their kids to play. I will agree that the type of house and...
  16. Sauce

    23 Offers on this - thoughts?

    I tend to agree with @JScott . This market is getting crazier and crazier. On a podcast I was listening to, they were saying that a lot of the property management companies are lowering their income requirements to 1.5 - 2.0 times monthly rent. Their logic is that if there is access to public...
  17. Sauce

    EXECUTION Let's Build a Spec House!

    How much labor did you have to put in? Did you factor that in as a cost? What areas do you plan to improve on to get your costs down? I am surprised your lot cost is so low. Love the thread and the discussion!
  18. Sauce

    Any real estate investor from Canada?

    @EvanOkanagan is your guy.
  19. Sauce

    MEETUPS 2018 Fastlane Summit - Preliminary Probe for Speakers

    As usual, biophase has the shortest proposal but will undoubtedly provide the most value.
  20. Sauce

    Real Estate Affiliate Programm

    Check out adwordsnerds, they may be able to get you set up.
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