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  1. CommonCents

    What Are The Reasons People Buy Something?

    Simon Sinek has some good videos on "WHY". He has branded an entire spiel on "start with why". Has become a bit cliche slapping "why" on everything but early videos are very good.
  2. CommonCents

    Best CRM platform?

    ive been testing the free version of odoo for my mfg business. its a complete ERP. or any one module of the paid enterprise version is free. zoho might be another to look at.
  3. CommonCents

    GOLD! 100 Unsexy Business Ideas: Name as many as you can!

    my friend went to grooming school out of the blue, started a mobile pet grooming biz in a custom truck, 2-3 yrs ago. She is now on her 6th truck, killin it. she's also a single mom with 4 kids.
  4. CommonCents

    OFF-TOPIC Venezuela Inflation Rates

    whats the current spread between official rate and street rate? people used to make a lot of money in arbitrage. not sure if you can get access to money at official rates. used to be when you had an airline ticket and traveled. just charge venezuelans a fee for them to ship you their credit...
  5. CommonCents

    What laptop should a starting online entrepreneur buy?

    i have a 17" toshiba i carry to/from office with 27" monitor at office, and a 32 at home. i'm holding off getting reader glasses by having larger screens ;) SSD is nice, heck my samsung phone came with a 256g microsd card. unreal. i think the latest USB is plenty fast access so 1TB...
  6. CommonCents

    Featured User SteveO: From Employee to RE Investor to Golf Course Owner...

    Always like reading/hearing peoples' stories, inspiring! A book of profiles and stories would make a good inspiring read for others, people get value from it.
  7. CommonCents

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    I built a similar biz (all kinds of gourmet frozen desserts) in the 90's-early2000's and sold biz to a fortune 200 food company. Started with 1 pizza oven and sliced cakes manually. Supplier of the year nationwide for sysco, US foods, all kroger stores, super valu, restaurant chains, mail...
  8. CommonCents

    101 Ways To Annoy Potential Customers - #1 Lie By Misrepresentation

    at least some indication of pricing. There are products and services I just have no clue as to the cost. I inquired about a digital printing machine. Similar looking equip were a few grand. After much effort and BS, i found out this one was $180,000. Dooohhhh. At least give some...
  9. CommonCents

    GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    As far as samples, I ended up paying 400 bucks total for one box of samples from a supplier via UPS#, the next supplier I said give me a total for samples and shipping to my door and I'll paypal you......$60 bucks.
  10. CommonCents

    GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    What do you know about product liability from overseas suppliers? If you import products you are pretty much screwed with no recourse should something happen with mfg defect? I always get additional insured certs from suppliers. Are there any mitigation strategies? Thanks!
  11. CommonCents

    OFF-TOPIC The Future: With Elon Musk

    His genius is focusing on businesses that are subsidized by the government ;) Kidding aside...the guy is pretty dang amazing.
  12. CommonCents

    FAILURE Fashion Retailer Bebe Closing All Stores.

    in addition to the points already listed, Bebe had its own set of self inflicted problems. They had their name/logo plastered all over their clothing. Great when you are in trend, not so great when you are not. Kind of like Affliction shirts. I haven't had good experience with online...
  13. CommonCents

    Day Trading

    I worked with Robert Prechter right outta college. Cold called John Murphy trying to sell him Elliott Wave Technical Analysis advisory. Oooops. I was calling the Chartered Market Technicians list. haha. It's like selling ice to eskimos.
  14. CommonCents

    Fastlane Grant Cardone "Buying a House is for Suckers"

    I don't buy into sweeping generalizations. Everything in most peoples lives is not about strictly financial. It all depends on the situation and audience. Most people want the security of ownership even if it might cost them in the long run. Most peoples homes are their retirement and...
  15. CommonCents

    What Optional Extra Is Your Business Missing?

    a similar take on that is overlooking basic features about your prod/service that might be standard or a given to YOU that you may take for granted, but that you can promote to lesser educated consumers. An example is in candle business. you get all these claims about "lead free" wicks...
  16. CommonCents

    FAILURE The Fyre Festival Fraud; Get Rich Fast Providing Perceived Value, Over Actual Value

    i dont feel sorry for the gullible tools who fell for that phony cheesy marketing
  17. CommonCents

    christmas laser lights business

    my neighbors are amazed at my magnificent multi color light show under my kitchen cabinets. they'd probably pay 300 for someone to put up a 20-30 led light strip with self adhesive backing, plug it in to the outlet and hand them the cool little remote.
  18. CommonCents

    Need a proper ERP with comprehensive inventory management system

    I'm also looking for an ERP for a mfg biz. Easy to get lost in the myriad of choices trying to decipher if they are legit.
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