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  1. LoveLife

    Helping myself by helping others ?

    Thanks Andy for your reply! It helps that you talk about the PROCESS and the beauty in it. Yes, I need to focus on that, ACT and adapt.
  2. LoveLife

    RANT The Personal Development SCAM

    Thanks Max for this sharing. It's funny I read it just after I post my "first" thread, where at the end of it I talk about all the books I am reading and I am not sure what to think with all these great ideas. Often I go down this rabbit hole... But on the other hand I am reading books on...
  3. LoveLife

    Helping myself by helping others ?

    Hello the world of Fastlaners! I have come here in February after having finished reading the MFL, full of enthusiasm and motivation :). Lately, since I haven't been on the forum I received a reminder by e-mail, which I really appreciated. I am in the middle of my thoughts, an habit. My...
  4. LoveLife

    O/T: HEALTH Pains ? Health struggles ? Ask a Surgeon anything

    Merci beaucoup :). Thank you for taking the time and your quick answer.
  5. LoveLife

    VOTE NOW! Book #5: Vote for Next Book Discussion

    Hey, I have only read The Power of Now two years ago and it helped me. But I haven't constantly applied the main ideas, that I have also found on other books about Buddhism, in my life... I probably need it. The other books seem interesting, so I'm not sure if I can vote, since I haven't read...
  6. LoveLife

    O/T: HEALTH Pains ? Health struggles ? Ask a Surgeon anything

    Hello Thomas, Thanks for your help. I'm not far from you :). Last week, during karate I don't know how but I little bit hurt one of my knee. It's a little bit painful only if I force to stretch my leg. So yes not a big deal. It also feels like it is a little bit "congest" (?). I'm not sure...
  7. LoveLife

    GOLD! How to Learn Code, Start a Web Company, $15k+ per month within 9 months

    Be blessed! :) Clearly said. WOW! It is possible. :) You are like a Fox! So much clarity! It has made my day (all of the post)! And potentially the start of my business/brand! THANKS I want to build my website and was wondering where to start. I have followed a little bit of html and...
  8. LoveLife

    GOLD! The "Astonishing Secrets" Thread

    @IceCreamKid Inifinite thanks for your thread and awesome posts!<3 So far, I'm only at page 1/38 but already so ice creamy! I want more. Lol You know at some point I wondered if you are this person I saw on many YouTube videos lately... I love your vibe indeed! And I like your way to write...
  9. LoveLife

    NOTABLE! If you could only pass on one life lesson to everyone on this forum, what would it be?

    LOVE. Funny, nobody talked about it! No one. Hahaha Love is simple but probably the most difficult thing to do properly. Because to love is to practice loving and to love the unlovable. Why Love is important?! I let you guess. :) Oh, thanks Mr.C for the thread and what you said. 21 and so...
  10. LoveLife

    INTRO Hello MJ and the World!

    MJ, you answeeeered! :) Thank you. And thanks for the other nice comments, recommendations. I'm gonna take some time to read some Gold and Notable threads, I'm sure there is a lot to learn in them. It always feels good to be warmly welcomed. Enjoy your day !
  11. LoveLife

    INTRO Hello MJ and the World!

    Sunday morning on March 24th 2019, in West Europ, now. I have just finished the Millionaire Fastlane and I have to thank you infinitely MJ !!! I hope you will read it. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed. Book finished in tears. Your last words, so kind. Your book, a blessing...
  12. LoveLife

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I'm reading it! :) I'm at chapter 27 and I can't wait to continue and finish it. Since I have purchased it, around a week ago, it has become one of my top priorities. So exciting to read! After having read the 4-hour workweek, many questions, uncertainties remained. And now, a new world of...
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