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  1. PedroG

    Book: Blue Ocean Strategy

    Love this book. It's probably in my top 2 or 3. A lot of great strategies on how to break into existing industries with a different offer.
  2. PedroG

    BOOK Can't Hurt Me: by David Goggins, Review and Discussion

    Cool, I'm glad I wasn't the only one. I replied without having read anyone else's thoughts on the book. As I said in my previous post, the guy hasn't mastered his mind at all. Someone who has doesn't do this to himself. As he's pissing black liquid, he even says he felt that was his trophy...
  3. PedroG

    BOOK Can't Hurt Me: by David Goggins, Review and Discussion

    I'm listening to the audio book right now (about half way). At the risk of coming off as a hater, I gotta say I was shaking my head the whole time he was describing what he went through during that race where he almost killed himself, for no F*cking reason. I understand that he can teach us a...
  4. PedroG

    OFF-TOPIC Game of Thrones Season 8 Thread (SPOILERS)

    I didn't get this either. Something about him having the memory of everything that they wanted to erase? Didn't make sense to me.
  5. PedroG

    OFF-TOPIC Game of Thrones Season 8 Thread (SPOILERS)

    Lol! I'm thinking maybe they're leaving the face thing for the end. Jamie (Arya) will peel his face off right before killing Cersei.
  6. PedroG

    OFF-TOPIC Game of Thrones Season 8 Thread (SPOILERS)

    Damn! I didn't think about that. That would have been amazing!! Except that means Bran would be dead.
  7. PedroG

    Jordan Peterson's Future Authoring program helped me achieve (literally) everything I wanted.

    Thanks for posting this. I'll check it out. It sounds like the concept covered in Psycho Cybernetics. That you need to tell your nervous system what your goal is, and it'll help you get there. UPDATE: Purchased (2 for 1 special). Thanks for this thread!
  8. PedroG

    Do you think master degree in entrepreneurship is useless?

    Yes, completely useless! I have a Graduate Certificate in entrepreneurship which I got only because I could apply those classes to my master's in Computer Science, which I have since decided to stop pursuing. You will learn a lot more by reading and doing, than you will ever learn from...
  9. PedroG

    How I used SEO to create (and eventually sell) in a tough niche

    Did you use any tools to find keywords that you would then specifically target with content? If so, which ones?
  10. PedroG

    SaaS Affiliate Scheme Advice

    What bugs me about FirstPromoter is that even if you have 0 affiliates you still have to pay $50 per month. I’m considering building my own affiliate system. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of options for SaaS businesses.
  11. PedroG

    OFF-TOPIC Venezuela Inflation Rates

    Yeah, all of a sudden people want to re-define socialism to mean any high tax country, so they can pick any country they want as an example.
  12. PedroG

    Are we living in an advanced simulation?

    I read the books "Evidence of the Afterlife", and "God and the Afterlife" (Jeffrey Long, Paul Perry) recently and it got me thinking about the simulation theory. Those books talk about real experiences from people that were near death and what they experienced. There was a central theme that...
  13. PedroG

    Are we living in an advanced simulation?

    To test and observe things that would otherwise take a very, very long time. Imagine being able to test and observe the effects that a certain food preservative would have on a population after consuming it for 40 years, and being able to get the answer within minutes. Or being able to run...
  14. PedroG

    MARKETPLACE Ready to take your business to the next level? I'll coach you.

    I'm in! Great meeting you at the summit, Steve!
  15. PedroG

    Books about finding business idea

    "Blue Ocean Strategy" by W. Chan Kim. This book just made my top 3. It teaches you how to go through the process of coming up with something unique, and creating new demand rather than compete for existing market customers.
  16. PedroG

    *UNSCRIPTED* Identity Hacking: How to Kill Your Status Quo

    Bump. I'm pretty sure this is the reason why I'm not quite there yet. My wife was just asking me why I refuse to call my business, a "business," and insist on calling it a "project" even though we have paying users. I tell her that it's because I don't have enough users yet; that I will start...
  17. PedroG

    Bar Rescue: Elements of Failure

    I love that show, but haven't watched it in a long time. It always amazed me how Jon would tell these people exactly how to fix their problems and yet many still decided to go back to the old way that wasn't working. Because they were never in it to make it a success. They were in it to...
  18. PedroG

    NOTABLE! Going "All-In" on ONE cryptocurrency... which?

    VeChain, for the reasons stated by @TinyTim (post #48)
  19. PedroG

    NOTABLE! The Ultimate Guide On What Books To Read

    Great list! I'm currently reading Psycho-Cybernetics. Awesome, awesome book! While Tony Robbins does mention some of the concepts in this book, Psycho-Cybernetics goes deeper into the notion that everything that you do is consistent with your self-image, so to change your behavior or results...
  20. PedroG

    NOTABLE! Going "All-In" on ONE cryptocurrency... which?

    I consolidated all my long term holdings into VeChain and CasinoCoin. That’s all I own right now.
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