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  1. SimonB

    EXECUTION [Progress] Starting another SaaS (travel industry this time)

    I ams building a SaaS as well (telecoms) and have the same issues with potential number suppliers as you have with the OTAs. Good luck and best wishes with your venture. I am definitely following this one.
  2. SimonB

    Major milestone (Working Software)

    NMS/Core Provisioning. Currently privately building (just tested) some switching software which enables people to attach multiple 'virtual numbers' to their real mobile number and manages two way SMS messaging and voice between them and third parties via these virtual numbers, but directly on...
  3. SimonB

    Major milestone (Working Software)

    Hi all, I joined a couple of weeks ago, having bought (twice) and read (lots of times) The Millionaire Fastlane. I have however been pretty quiet trying to focus on some software I have been developing. My background is working as a telco design authority/dev team lead but I have been around...
  4. SimonB

    INTRO Hi been skulking and trying to work out what to put here

    Hi Sheens, no I haven't. I will check it out best wishes Simon
  5. SimonB

    INTRO Hi been skulking and trying to work out what to put here

    Hi, I am from the Uk and have been coming to this forum a few times over the last few years. I recently downloaded the millionaire fastlane for a second time and realised it said a lot to me and i finally understood what it is saying. I come from a telecoms and software background and am now...
  6. SimonB

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I have read the book, deleted it from my Kindle, came back to it (bought it again) and realised the depth and nuances and then appreciated it and have taken action!
  7. SimonB

    Creating the Paypal for online privacy

    Creating the Paypal for online privacy
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