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  1. stavedeve

    EXECUTION Quitting my 80k job, moving out of state to start a consulting business from nothing

    I just had this happen for an internal job transfer I was going after. True words. The hiring manager told me to "cool it."
  2. stavedeve

    Rate My Book Cover

    My thoughts: is it specific to one sport? Football or track and field? Also ... maybe you take out the 40-yards reference in the title. It may turn off people who may be interested in becoming fast but have no interest in the 40. If you're super focused on the 40-yard speed in the book, then...
  3. stavedeve

    Rate My Book Cover

    I like your point about the niche. Is this book targeting one sport? Football or track and field? Or Both? If it's one or another maybe incorporate that into the design. My other thought: is the book stritkly for the 40-yard dash?
  4. stavedeve

    What books are you reading currently?

    Nice looking book list. I'll put some of them on my list.
  5. stavedeve

    What books are you reading currently?

    Check out Stephen Shiffman's book on cold calling. Short and easy read. Worth it. A guy by the name of Jeb Blount has written some books on the topic. I think his stuff is good, although I have not head any of his books.
  6. stavedeve

    What books are you reading currently?

    5th time reading Unscripted?! Damm.
  7. stavedeve

    What books are you reading currently?

    Cal also wrote a booked called "So good they can't ignore you." Also very good. He comes from the mindset as MJ as in follow your passion is actually really bad advise. Focus on getting really good at something first and then the passion will follow. Cal also has some Ted talks you can get out...
  8. stavedeve

    Should I register my logo as a trademark now, or wait till later?

    I would say no. Wait until you have customers and money coming in before you do that stuff.
  9. stavedeve

    The Price of Happiness

    While I do acknowledged that genetics do play a role in happiness, it's very important to understand that lifestyle choices almost always trump genticis. As soon as we start to blame our genetics for our happiness, is the second we give up trying. "I am not going try to loose weight anymore, I...
  10. stavedeve

    The Price of Happiness

    Hey man ... great post. I couldn't agree more. We have all the ability to make our own reality. The great Tony Robbins always says this: what things mean is up to this. Their are some universal truths in the world and once you start to understand them you're can start to change.
  11. stavedeve

    Doesn't matter how old you are, if you're a mature male, give your opinion!

    Not gonna lie I wasn't too excited about this when I read your post. Doesn't Facebook do the exact same thing? Also, it seems like a long road to hoe before you actually turn a profit, which, other than adding value to people's life is the reason for stating a business. Just my two cents ...
  12. stavedeve

    Does my Odd Idea have Any Potential?

    Good stuff. One idea I had is to set up a guided tour somehow. I think a lot of people would be fascinated with the history and science behind it. Have people come to you for a fee and then you give them the history lesson, etc. Could be some potential there. Is it also possible for you to grow...
  13. stavedeve

    Painful Progress

    Congrats man! Happy for you.
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