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  1. Genka

    EXECUTION Building a new social network

    Almost a month has passed and its time for another update. I decided to move from django to django rest framework backend and react frontend so I had to rewrite pretty much everything and learn a lot of javascript. It did push back the MVP, but this move to react will speed up development for...
  2. Genka

    EXECUTION Building a new social network

    Gallery system is 90% done. Thumbnails are generated and cached with django-imagekit and gallery view is done using PhotoSwipe. Works well on desktop and mobile. Content is in amazon s3 bucket and when the page goes live I can start using cloudfront for cdn easily from that. You can test the...
  3. Genka

    Would starting a business with a van be a fastlane business?

    My experience is that if you are dependent on a van for income then it can blow up very quickly in your face. Last year I was delivering food as a service with my own car and the costs of fixing the car were as much as I made. Got into debt because of that. So I traded my car for a van. A...
  4. Genka

    From zero to 15$ in one year or less

    This is really inspiring story. I wish you the best of luck on your journey! About the book: What is your marketing strategy?
  5. Genka

    EXECUTION Building a new social network

    Update: For some reason amazon doesnt grant me more instances right now, but I made it work with the ones that I have and the development can continue. Took few hours to move everything from my local pc to amazon server and finally learned how to use git in the process. Ive always known its a...
  6. Genka

    INTRO Hello! My name is Ken

    First of all thanks for your reply. You can find the execution thread in here: EXECUTION - Building a new social network California is my dream, because of the weather and the capital markets and innovative people. I think Finland would be perfect place to live if it wasnt for the cold...
  7. Genka

    EXECUTION Building a new social network

    I am really glad to get reply from you. I have been contemplating about private messaging you and talking about the idea with you for a while now, but I wanna have something to show before releasing more information about it. The reason why I am building this and nothing else is that nothing...
  8. Genka

    EXECUTION Building a new social network

    After reading both of the books I have always thought how I could help the most people possible and I have pondered about this for years. Few months ago I had this idea about this platform where people could lend other people whatever they needed, but I couldnt figure out how to make it happen...
  9. Genka

    INTRO Hello! My name is Ken

    I read the first book years ago and I have been on this forum for quite a while, but never really introduced myself and today is the day when I will. My story began when I went to primary school and I absolutely hated it. I was young, born into a world without asking and had all these people...
  10. Genka

    What do you do when you have no ideas

    I do it in reverse. I think what I want to get and then see what options there are to get there. The goal has to be well defined though, like 1 million in 2 years.
  11. Genka

    INTRO You're from where??

    Im originally from Viljandi, Estonia, but I live in Turku, Finland now
  12. Genka


    The first book I ever paid money for was Unscripted! I have already read TMF so this one didnt affect me as much, but still a worthwhile read.
  13. Genka

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read TMF. Changed a lot in my head.
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