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  1. jpanarra

    Choosing A Social Media Manager SAAS

    Hey everyone JP Here! I've been pushing more content out primarily on my Instagram and cross posting over to Facebook and twitter. I know that technically this isn't the best way to do things because if you're going to do things right make different types of content that suits the different...
  2. jpanarra

    MEETUPS Indiana/Indianapolis

    Cool man! I live up in fishers but I work just off 34th street. We can set a date in april and set up a meetup and see who shows up. It could be at a starbucks or something.
  3. jpanarra

    ADVICE - Is it the moment to quit my job?

    2 years is the opportunity to try 8 different ideas.. I have this principle when I don't have a clear picture of when my income/expenses breaking even. I'm onto the next thing
  4. jpanarra

    Every time I do this, I fail. And so will you.

    For sure, this is a weird thing we do to ourselves. Every time i catch myself overwhelming my mind with a large vision I have to step back and go "why are you doing this" After that moment, I'm starting to realize that is when my idea gets away from me and I need to go back to the drawing...
  5. jpanarra

    MEETUPS Indiana/Indianapolis

    bump... anyone down? I'm lonely
  6. jpanarra

    ADVICE - Is it the moment to quit my job?

    I'm in somewhat the same boat as you. I probably don't HATE my job because I have some flexibility and good co workers, which is somewhat dangerous because its "comfortable". However, that being said.. I have 3 kids, a wife, and a mortgage along with a bit of student loan debt. I've been...
  7. jpanarra

    Effective Mindset for Entrepreneurs with Full Time Jobs

    I'm in the same boat, I still work a 9-5 job. One thing I've noticed with myself the more productive I am with my business, the momentum also moves over to my job. I've seen a massive uptick in productivity when I get a sale, project done, or another milestone. I'm guilty of working on my...
  8. jpanarra

    FEATURED! Post Your Desk or Work Area! (The Workspace Thread)

    Ok, thread closed... Vigilante has the chillest location
  9. jpanarra

    OFF-TOPIC What was your first car?

    1993 Silverado pick up, bought it with 300K+ miles in 05 with basically no brakes, it would leak brake fluid everywhere and I would have to make a routine stop at the gas station to try and fill up my brake fluid. Alos had to start stopping a good 300+ feet back
  10. jpanarra

    Facebook Down!

    I can respect that for sure... I do a lot of my sales/marketing work on Facebook and Instagram. I focus on producing content and engaging with people to pull them into my funnel. So this being down had somewhat of a impact on my sales routine but adapt. Where are people's eyes, more...
  11. jpanarra

    Understanding the Changes of Routine

    Ah yeah exercise, My dog and my love of sports takes care of that for me.. I don't think about it but you're right my daily dog walk is a routine that gets my blood flowing.
  12. jpanarra

    Understanding the Changes of Routine

    Haha, I love awkward moments. Thats when I see people at their most vulnerable and makes them even more so relatable... Me being deaf makes this a regular occurrence for me because too many people are concerned about offending me rather than doing what needs to be done to communicate..
  13. jpanarra

    Facebook Down!

    Facebook and Instagram are down! Who's taking advantage of this opportunity over at twitter and other platforms. I know I'm trying to DM and tweet stuff to try to get some attention. Anyone else?
  14. jpanarra

    Understanding the Changes of Routine

    Hah, Wish I could... Am Deaf and am left in the dark in the whole podcast movement.. Although in one of my "rants" i do have a solution in mind, just haven't gotten that fire lit yet.
  15. jpanarra

    Understanding the Changes of Routine

    Hey everyone!! JP here! From what I've learned that the path of entrepreneurship is all about improving how you approach your problems and trying to make it all more efficient than where you were. For that to happen, what I've experienced was a number of different types of routine changes and...
  16. jpanarra

    What should I learn?

    Learn how to solve a problem and then tell a story about how the problem was solved... That covers innovation and sales..
  17. jpanarra

    When do you realize you are getting sold (Scammed)

    Once they start referring me to other materials of theirs to buy. Robert Kiyosaki is notorious for this, outside of Richdad poor dad and cashflow quadrant, don't bother with the rest of his content.
  18. jpanarra

    How does one go about putting the ideas into material form with products?

    You might get emotional and upset, I want you to think why does this make you so.. My interpretation of what you just told me was that you don't believe in yourself and justifying that you are better off getting a job (just like everyone else tells you) and trying to squeeze some pennies out...
  19. jpanarra

    Subscription based model

    Yup, MRR is the Oil Well.. @Andy Black recommended this to me a few months back and its an eyeopening book and will help you think about your business differently
  20. jpanarra

    How does one go about putting the ideas into material form with products?

    KISS.. Keep it simple stupid , this is what i tell myself because i find myself in this position often. My 2 cents I understand when you're staring down this huge idea and it feels like its impossible to take the whole thing down and it becomes a flurry of confusion and ideas for problems that...
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