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  1. Thoelt53


    Welcome to the forum. What is “FNG?”
  2. Thoelt53

    RANT My brother tried to kill me and my family did nothing about it.

    Your brother will attack you again, it’s a matter of when, not if. You might not live the next time. Every time he strangles you, your probability of dying increases substantially. It sounds like you already know this. Leave home and never go back. Tonight. Right now. You might not get...
  3. Thoelt53

    I Hate the Idea of Being Equal!

    Bullshit. Anyone putting 10k per year into a 401k @ 7% for 35 years would amass around $1.5M. It’s luck that you actually return 7% year after year. Building a $20M company in 10 years isn’t luck. It’s about having the best product you can, understanding your customer better than anyone...
  4. Thoelt53

    Online smokeshop. Yes or no?

    Why won't these weed-smokin' stoners buy my shit!?
  5. Thoelt53

    When do you realize you are getting sold (Scammed)

    When someone tells me what I need before asking me what I need.
  6. Thoelt53

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    I was told he wants to grow it into a national brand. Whether or not he actually wants that, and will actually do that, no one knows yet. But time always tells. There's no deal yet. For today I am simply lending a hand and giving a push.
  7. Thoelt53

    I Hate the Idea of Being Equal!

    You're part of the exact problem that @WJK's article was written about. You either cannot comprehend what she is conveying, or you do understand, and choose to disagree (I can't tell). That makes it okay to lambaste her?
  8. Thoelt53

    I Hate the Idea of Being Equal!

    Are you complaining about complaining?
  9. Thoelt53

    I Hate the Idea of Being Equal!

    I don't think you grasped @WJK's post. She's not talking about being treated equally by the justice system.
  10. Thoelt53

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Eric earlier tonight. Super nice guy. Eric can share details as he sees fit. I will say, however, we're going to get him into some commercial space shortly; from there he can grab some low hanging fruit that is essentially just waiting for him to have...
  11. Thoelt53

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    Found a couple kitchens not far from Eric that might have some space very soon, but they need some more information. Gave Eric a call and left a voicemail. We’ll see where it goes.
  12. Thoelt53

    RANT How to EMBARRASS yourself - Don't be this guy

    Aw man, and I had a sick burn incoming: I guess @Dissio got his feelings hurt.
  13. Thoelt53

    RANT How to EMBARRASS yourself - Don't be this guy

    I see you took the thread title literally. Here goes ban #2 this week.
  14. Thoelt53

    *First Post* - And I may just get banned ...

    I’m going to say no, simply because it appears you are chasing money. Do you believe in the product? Do you care care about the welfare of the girls? Do you care about the end user’s experience? Or do you just see some dollar signs?
  15. Thoelt53

    RANT How to EMBARRASS yourself - Don't be this guy

    I'm pretty sure he's been hitting the sauce again and needs to get some help.
  16. Thoelt53

    Tips for Focus/Work Ethic

    Cool tip, I'm guilty of doing this myself. Definitely will give it a go. Music is good for drone work. It's naturally attractive, and therefor distracting from anything that requires thought and focus.
  17. Thoelt53

    RANT How to EMBARRASS yourself - Don't be this guy

    This thread has been a trip. Reading it was like watching Super Bowl LI. @BaraQueenbee you are a riot. It's not often that we get to laugh and learn at the same time. I thoroughly enjoy your perspective. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Thoelt53

    RANT How to EMBARRASS yourself - Don't be this guy

    Before you get a virtual a$$ whooping, perhaps you should read the entire first page of the thread and edit your post. Or don't. The latter will be much more entertaining for the rest of us.
  19. Thoelt53

    I have two questions for you (borrowing from family)

    @Real Deal Denver take a Valium ffs. This thread is about a dude who wants to borrow $3k from his brother... the personal lives of Jobs and Lewis are irrelevant here, for two reasons. 1) it’s none of your business, and 2) you don’t know what happened behind the scenes. No one outside of their...
  20. Thoelt53

    mature business with .02% chargeback

    I second this. You’re going to have a hell of time a time finding a payment processor when selling research chemicals. Maybe reach out to other research chem companies and see what they’re using?
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