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  1. WEB/DIGITAL My new site.

    Very interesting. From my perspective, you may want to actually provide users with a few "free" videos so they can get an idea of what they are getting with their money. In other words, let non-members have access to the full interface of the site, just like paying subscribers would...but...
  2. WEB/DIGITAL Feedback Request: Website Design

    Yep, 'Yahoo' is spelled wrong. Lol, j/k. I don't know what it is exactly, but my first reaction was thinking it's something like a parked domain page, or even some type of government webpage.
  3. WEB/DIGITAL Feedback Request: Website Design

    To be honest, my first impression is I don't like it. Go with your gut. Usually when I'm designing something, I'll leave the design up on my computer while I'm out for a little bit (lunch, running errands, etcs.). When I come back, I get a quick gut reaction if I like it or not.
  4. Jimmy here! Graphic designer and founder of 10 site network.

    Welcome to the site. I'm a video producer/editor/director by formal training, but my experience with motion graphics has led me into teaching myself graphic design as well. I also noticed slow loading times with a couple of the sites. They look good, but load slow. I take it they are all blogs?
  5. WEB/DIGITAL Getting the initial user base

    Good question and this is something that has been on my mind lately as I near a public launch of my site. In my case, I will have free membership, but I am planning on doing some type of promotion/drawing to get a solid member base going. I have a few ideas on the table, but will probably...
  6. ◄• free website design...

  7. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh Gives Utterly Brilliant Advice

    Here is a more specific article... “Do What You Love And the Money Will Follow!” It’s BS! | Personally, I feel if you love something enough, you can find a way to improve that industry, lifestyle, niche, culture, etc. to make it fastlane. Yes, a lot of people...
  8. Do you use Social Network sites

    1 - Yes, mainly Facebook. I have a Myspace but rarely check it. 2 - 2-3 times a week maybe? Probably less than an hour/week. 3 - On average, about 30 mins - one hour per day. 4 - Networking, staying in touch with friends, promote website/brand(soon to start).
  9. The moment of truth ...MAC or PC?

    Cograts! If I would have been here sooner I would have also told you Mac. I have a Macbook Pro and will not look back to a PC. I still have a desktop tower sitting next to my desk that I have been meaning to fix for shits and giggles. It froze up and went haywire a few weeks ago due to a...
  10. WEB/DIGITAL Looking to get in the Game. So many options

    This quote above sounds to me you just want to try anything and everything that might work because it has worked for others in the past. Take it one step at a time. Find something that you TRULY feels will serve a value to other people and that you get EXCITED about. Just because Joe Blow...
  11. Video of the Month for me.

    Great video! Thanks.
  12. O/T: FUNNY Seth Galifianakis interview!

    LMAO!! Hilarious. Seth is Zach Galifianakis' (The Hangover) "twin brother" YouTube - Seth Galifianakis interview
  13. WEB/DIGITAL How to really make money online...

    I was wondering what that tag was all about saying "put comments here". It's pretty hilarious to watch with the anonymous comments on actually and read them, there are some pretty random ones LOL.
  14. OFF-TOPIC Great news for us Apple/Mac/iPhone fanboys/fangirls/geeks

    At first I wasn't thinking the new phone was a big deal either, but the more I read/think about it, the more I like. The selective focus and auto focus is the tits. I just hate it's only 3 least 3.5 would be nice. I'm also VERY pleased that it appears 3G cases will still fit...
  15. WEB/DIGITAL How to really make money online...

    He had a slide where he was talking about server costs, towards the end after talking about Zappos and scaling problems. He said if you have 500 customers on one server paying $40/mth you're making $125K/mth. "Do you care what that server cost? You can have the most expensive server in the...
  16. WEB/DIGITAL How to really make money online...

    Great video! Thanks! Curious as to what kind of conference/convention this is with the 'F' bombs he is dropping. Also, 500 customers x $40/mth is $20,000/mth.....where did $125K come from???
  17. OFF-TOPIC Great news for us Apple/Mac/iPhone fanboys/fangirls/geeks

    :eusa_clap::smxG: Apple - QuickTime - Apple WWDC Keynote Address
  18. O/T: FUNNY Apple's Response to the New PC Commercials

    I don't know what is so great about the Mighty Mouse. Every time I use one at school I want to throw it out the window. I also love my wireless Logitech and the Macbook's trackpad is GREAT when going mouseless. I have two PCs (one with XP and another with Vista) and one Macbook Pro, at any...
  19. Poker: How you can get started, succeed, and many myths and facts

    Re: Poker: How you can get started, succeed, and many myths and f That $1 has now turned to $6.01 with about 4.5hrs of play in .01/.02 NL. I know it could be more if I were more aggressive.
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