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  1. Mutant

    Need LinkedIn Profile but have 2 different businesses

    Why do you need a LinkedIn profile? I know - you already said - so you can run an ad for a business. So: Do you need to include your full work history? No. Do you need to include a photo of yourself? No. Do you need to include your education (if it was unrelated, or you think it’ll look bad...
  2. Mutant

    RANT How much is too much for an office expenses?

    Of those pictures you posted, the one with all the plants looks nicest to me. Surely a bit of nature would be a cheap way to disguise less cool looking bits of furniture, but actually end up with a really pleasing environment? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Mutant

    How a $multibillion company educates itself

    This past week through one of my freelancing roles, I was working at a conference being held by a huge multi-national company for a few hundred of their leadership team. They must've spent hundreds of thousands on this thing. Without giving away any of their specifics, here's a few take aways I...
  4. Mutant

    Where do you work from? Home vs Office

    Ah, so you are in London! You have so many options, & yes some are more expensive than others, but there is a world of cheap or free options to be found. Depends very much on what you're looking for & what your budget is? Do you prefer peace & quiet or background chatter? What areas of London...
  5. Mutant

    O/T: FUNNY Extreme Sidewalking: Share Your Story

    Not quite the story you’re after, but I heard this when they played it at my gym, & I’m not sure I ever heard a more blatant sidewalk anthem [emoji23] Bonus points for all the YouTube comments below being like “me, when I find $5 I didn’t know I had!” - what an event!! View...
  6. Mutant

    Spending 100k on townhouse, good or bad?

    Do you guys have offset mortgages in the States? This is where a savings account is linked to the mortgage, & the amount in savings is “offset” against the amount owed on your mortgage. So say you had a 100k mortgage, & 40k in the linked savings account, your mortgage payments would be...
  7. Mutant

    Entrepreneurship Camp

    So before I start, I'm not affiliated with this in any way, nor have I been. Some of you may find this interesting/useful though, so I thought I'd share: Sovereign Academy – Entrepreneurship. Mentorship. Network. They call it a five day "liberty & entrepreneurship camp" & it is a non-profit...
  8. Mutant

    GOLD! Its been one year of FLF for me. This forum will change your life and Ill prove it.

    Oh I know, hence I acknowledged that you're not done winning, but I think it's important to also acknowledge & celebrate success & call it a win, so it's not just an endless unsatisfying chase. It's an endless, satisfying chase & more! :rofl: I don't know, specifically naming wins is just...
  9. Mutant

    GOLD! Its been one year of FLF for me. This forum will change your life and Ill prove it.

    Congratulations - you’ve won! Not that you’re done, I’m sure you’ll keep winning. But yeah, that game of life you were talking about? Kicking a$$. And not just because of a dollar amount. Serious inspiration. Respect & rep coming your way (when I’m next on the website proper - don’t think I can...
  10. Mutant

    OFF-TOPIC What watch/es do you own?

    I have a few vintage watches, as they: 1) are cool 2) suit my wrist size 3) (some of them) suit my budget My favourite is a 1952 Omega that looks something like this, but isn’t a Seamaster & doesn’t have that cool cross-hatching. Watches are definitely something I’d love to get more into...
  11. Mutant

    Validate a Roommate Website Idea

    And here’s the UK version: They are massive online, & even do weekly “speed flatmating” events in real life. Because when you think about it, trying to match people to live together can take a lot of tactics from trying to match people for dating. Sent from my iPhone using...
  12. Mutant

    Are you a Multipotentialite/Polymath?

    Hey - another one here! Always feel like a bit of a prick describing myself as a polymath or a multi-hyphenate (there's another term for you!) or whatnot (or maybe I'm just being too English). So I just go with "I'm curious" or "I have wide-ranging curiosity". As for earning money with any of...
  13. Mutant

    Billionaire Dreams: What Makes You Happy?

    The WORLD needs this, not just the rich! I love how proper capitalism is all about the win-win. Do you rate any of the current advocacies/think tanks/organisations-doing-this-sort-of-thing/whatnot? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Mutant

    Billionaire Dreams: What Makes You Happy?

    How awesome is it that you can basically do all of this NOW! No need to wait until Fastlane success. I mean obviously with more time & money you can do more on a bigger scale, but it’s not like “owning a jet” which straight up takes money & can’t be done without it. In the mean time you can...
  15. Mutant

    FEATURED! Post Your Desk or Work Area! (The Workspace Thread)

    London may not have the seaside, mountains, or even the sun sometimes. But it does do a sweet line in fancy-a$$ places you can go work. London Office by Mutant posted Mar 10, 2019 at 8:14 PM In contrast, my "desk" at home is a literal plank of wood to hold my laptop or papers, used primarily...
  16. Mutant

    NOTABLE! 5 Step Guide To Hiring a Rockstar VA To Handle Your Business

    Would a password manager not solve that? Afaik (I don’t currently use one) you can grant & rescind access to various things, without them having knowledge of the actual password. They have their own password, & you control what it can unlock. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Mutant

    Is there a constant fear in the back of your mind even if you're a successful Entrepreneur?

    This. Also, a friend of mine quit a job to go travelling for a year. One year turned into about three I think it was. When he went to get a job again, he did wonder about the gap on his cv, but the main reaction from interviewers when he explained how much of the world he’d seen in those years...
  18. Mutant

    Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

    I would say kids should have a phone when they're old enough to be by themselves outside. Not like playing the garden, but say taking themselves on the trip to school (could involve public transport or walking & be before they can drive), meeting friends in town or some other place where there's...
  19. Mutant

    FEATURED! Post Your Desk or Work Area! (The Workspace Thread)

    Other possible sound sources I'll point you to in case they work for you are: Music to improve focus, meditation & sleep. - an AI music generator that's designed to induce certain states like "focus", "relax", "sleep", etc. I use the focus setting sometimes & I'd say it sounds a bit...
  20. Mutant

    Just bought a house for $9,000...

    Congrats @YoungPadawan - looks like a great investment & the potential to be a really nice home! Yup, I just had a quick search to amuse myself, & here in London, the most expensive garage I could find was for £140,000. To be fair, that was prime London, a more normal garage near where I am in...
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