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  1. msufan

    Ways to make money

    This is gold. Not only do I agree with people advising you not to spend $2500 on any course, taking the course at this point is a massive "cart before the horse" situation... like me taking a "learn to code" class without having any idea of what I specifically would want to code once learning...
  2. msufan

    If you would have free cash, what IT business would you make?

    Yeah, this is a backwards way of thinking about starting a business. Start with the problem, not what you would do with $X.
  3. msufan

    OFF-TOPIC Billionaire pays off graduates' student loans

    I think there's some truth to his comment. Colleges will tend to raise rates to whatever amount they can get; more money flowing into the pot (whether through billionaire giveaways or government subsidies or whatever) tends to increase the amount the colleges can charge.
  4. msufan

    RANT Another scourge of the slowlane: open offices

    It was fun to see the open office concept get ripped to shreds in this new book from Jason Fried.
  5. msufan

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    This is true of almost anything. Instead of learning to code, you can hire programmers, for example. But you can't reliably outsource leadership. So if anything, learn to lead. Learn how to inspire others, making your vision their own. Learn how to delegate well. Learn how to sell, too, because...
  6. msufan

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Amen to that. People start a sentence with, "Did you watch..." and I'm already responding, "Nope."
  7. msufan

    Every developer I met wants to make games.

    Agree 100% that the "do what you love" mentality leads to way too many people in certain fields. To avoid this, you almost need to consider getting into something with "people dislike it" as an added barrier of entry. Then all of a sudden you benefit from a very limited supply of people willing...
  8. msufan

    FORUM NEWS Insider Awards, per NCAA Tournament

    Congrats to @levijean and to the 4 prize recipients! Great generosity from MJ and levijean both.
  9. msufan

    Making Money Online with Gambling

    I have made money through gaming in a variety of ways. 1. Skill gaming: sites like WorldWinner and RoyalGames were really good to me for a long time. 2. Online poker: I am not good enough to win at online poker nowadays, but it was a nice little run in the post-Moneymaker boom. 3. Daily Fantasy...
  10. msufan

    Making Money Online with Gambling

    Yes, skill gaming and advantage gaming have been a $250K+ side income for me over the past 17 years (so only about $15K/year). It can definitely be done!
  11. msufan

    EXECUTION Porking with Purpose (Dad Blog) PROGRESS THREAD

    Love the idea of building a website for dads! But does the title and URL "Porking with Purpose" really reflect what you are trying to be about?
  12. msufan

    Children's Book Publishing... WOW?!

    YES! This would be incredible for starting conversations between parents and kids! Keep it clean, and include the types of things kids think about -- is it worth going to college (you could hammer the whole issue about taking out massive college loans is something the kids should not do without...
  13. msufan

    Cal Newport podcast: Digital Minimalism

    Just read his new Digital Minimalism book and I highly recommend it! I am trying the 30-day tech "fast" and am already realizing how much time I have been losing on low-level tech chatter. Social media does not deliver enough value for me to justify its continued usage, and I definitely plan to...
  14. msufan

    Football Discussion

    I like that you are looking at creating rather than just consuming. Your podcast, to be successful, might need to fulfill more of a niche or a need than just "soccer". For example, is there a soccer-related Daily Fantasy Sports site out there? If so, could you use stats and analysis to help...
  15. msufan

    Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    I think one thing to keep an eye on is Google Trends w/ regard to Bitcoin and other crypto search terms:
  16. msufan

    Paying for Child's Education

    Our family has chosen to take the money we would've spent on private education and instead use it to buy a house in the best possible public school location we could find in our area. (Just like Get Right stated.) Our kids still get a good education, and that $$$ stays in our pockets in the form...
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