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  1. WEB/DIGITAL Going from Idea to

    This isn't directly a web business question, as it doesn't pertain to creating sites, or driving traffic to an internet-based entity. It is, however, software-based, so I thought this may be the best forum for it... My wife has recently attained her Master's Degree; a goal she's always had...
  2. OFF-TOPIC My Son Was Born

    Congratulations! As far as vehicles, the '07+ Acura MDX gets 5 stars in all directions with the highest rating for neck protection in a rear-end collision...AWD on every model as well. Safest SUV available right now, and it looks good doing it. I've done the research already for our future fam...
  3. OFF-TOPIC Must resist temptation!

    Repair bills would quickly sour the deal...even the simplest ones. Cars are one of my weak points as well, so I know how you feel. -John
  4. Safe or Safety Deposit Box

    Safe If you're REALLY worried about it walking away, bolt it to the floor. If you live "up north" as we Floridians say, have it delivered to your basement if it will fit. My dad has one of these (might be a different brand) and it is SOLID. I know he paid somewhere around $900.
  5. Frustration with Young People

    I definitely agree with Jill here. To add, I think partnering with friends is one thing and can be beneficial if they are mentally on the same page and have something positive to offer...having a friend work FOR you, on the other hand, may be a quick way to end the friendship, especially if...
  6. You Folks Will Love This!

    whoa...good luck with that. Undue stress because they can't own up. Kind of like a small-scale "Big 3" bailout. -John
  7. WEB/DIGITAL New Website Help?

    A free social networking component for Joomla is Community Builder. I'm working with it now, and it seems pretty capable with all the plugins available. Working on setting up a site with multiple registration types (free basic, paid, etc.) which is getting a bit more difficult. It...
  8. Real Estate Anyone Accepting Riskier Tenants?

    One more vote for keeping overly risky tenants out of your property. Basically, given the profile specs you provided, there is zero indication that they'll pay you anyway...then, good luck getting that type of tenant out and getting your property back in good rental condition quickly! I know...
  9. Hello and thank you

    Welcome aboard...your name just put that "i'm goin back to Cali" song in my head. Great...:p - John
  10. Curiosity of owning multiple entities.

    Copied this post from another thread...I think it applies and explains one scheme for multiple entity advantages. "I offer this for the purpose of corp structure example of what I did for a very high liability exposure business which worked out quite well. Was formerly in the logistics...
  11. OFF-TOPIC Ahhh ... My Favorite Day!

    4th qtr. taxes due? Nope...not feeling that pain, UNfortunately. - John
  12. Is Kiyosaki Reading My Shit!?

    Perhaps his book came before is black card...and he wants to learn the ways of the Fastlane force. the greatest form of flattery. - John
  13. OFF-TOPIC Robert Kiyosaki's Conspiracy Of The Rich

    I really don't think Russ was bashing the guy outright...a little sarcasm maybe? He's also not the type of person to troll others' comments and take them as fact. Looking at it from another point of view, what evidence is there to refute Russ's statement of what RK said? Not that it really...
  14. Am I way off here?

    Great info. Thanks for the responses. I had a feeling it may not be advisable, but wasn't sure... -John
  15. Real Estate The flooring business -- Vast differences!

    I just got a taste of this myself...through a neighbor. I did the laminate floors in my MOL's house (not too tough), so my wife and I were looking around in Lowes at flooring for our home at one point, just to see how much it would cost... like you said, about $2-3 for decent materials, plus...
  16. Am I way off here?

    I am collecting all the necessary docs for creating a corp right now (one of my 2009 fastlane goals) and was looking through some old posts on business credit. I'll definitely be setting up accounts to build this credit for future use and to give myself options for taking advantage of...
  17. WEB/DIGITAL Photo rights

    Thanks everyone...I'll stick to the "guaranteed" legal paths. -John
  18. OFF-TOPIC How did you find your way to THE FASTLANE TO MILLIONS?

    I happened upon it through lambopower. Not that I own a lambo, but I joined that site as well as other high-end car forums because A) Cars are part of my "heaven", and B) I wanted to know HOW the owners were able to purchase such luxuries. I knew there had to be a better explanation than...
  19. WEB/DIGITAL Photo rights

    great suggestion...thanks.
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