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  1. James Fend

    SOLD COMPANY & NET £500k FROM IT - what next?

    Awesome and Congrats! If I were in your shoes, I would: 1) Take a couple months off and do some cheap traveling, gather some ideas, etc. 2) Start another e-commerce business to build some cash flow. 3) Once I have steady positive cash flow again, then I'd take the money from the sale and...
  2. James Fend

    Is 2.5k$ on domain name worth it? Facts inside

    My personal opinion.. it could be the best most generic brandable name ever but .info is a killer. I second that above person, I'd never spend more than $10 unless it was .com,,, - all of these look terrible imo. Try GoDaddy domain auctions and...
  3. James Fend

    Should I learn digital marketing or coding as a 17yo?

    Nothing wrong at all about chasing money. It's not about just creating "pure value" either.. It's kind of a grey area of both blended that you want to seek. I first learned web design because I wanted to make websites that made money off Adsense banner ad clicks. That was my motivation.. but...
  4. James Fend

    INTRO Hyperion

    Welcome! You're making it too complicated man.. What's your favorite sport? Did you go read a bunch of books before you ever stepped foot on the court? Grab ball. Put it through hoop. Grab bat. Swing and hit baseball. Catch football. Run. Get/build product or service. Sell product or...
  5. James Fend

    Instagram username debate

    I own and use a few one word original names and find it peaks quite a bit of interest.. Couple examples: @fake and @graph
  6. James Fend

    GOLD! Margaritaville (I've Bought A Golf-Course!)

    Argh... I got back into golf after a 8 year hiatus. Really hardcore into it now. Your presentation at the Summit was great and this thread is gold. If I don't catch you ever on your course, hit me anytime you're in Vegas and want to hit a round!
  7. James Fend

    NOTABLE! The MAIN difference between someone who makes 100k /year and someone who makes 1m?

    This thread is awesome... a lot of golden nuggets & angles for sure. I will be referencing back to this thread over this next year of building another SaaS company, my goal immediately after the first 10 paying customers will be scaling, scaling, scaling..
  8. James Fend

    Beware Those Offering To Hire You Too Easily - Meeting A Psycho For Coffee

    I actually take offense whenever somebody tries to pitch me an MLM meeting lol.. Of course, I politely decline and go about my day.. but I've had ones that keep pushing; I usually hit them with a couple harsh truths about entrepreneurship that gets them straightened out lol.
  9. James Fend

    Damn you crypto

    Good traders know a) You don't ever really "miss" a trade, there will always be another one right around the corner.. and b) Know to contradict their emotions (if feeling FOMO, then it's likely the price moves will only have temporary staying power). With that said; imo, you are not missing...
  10. James Fend

    OFF-TOPIC Going to Vegas... need betting ideas!

    Not sure how casual you were planning, but yikes on the 5/1 for Tiger. I know the Superbook which is at the Westgate has him at 10/1 right now, almost double! I'm def adding all players with distance onto my slips (DJ, Rory, Koepka, Xander, etc). Tiger has been there practicing for like a week...
  11. James Fend

    EXECUTION Startup #5: VR Space

    Sure thing, Pm sent!
  12. James Fend

    OFF-TOPIC Going to Vegas... need betting ideas!

    I've had great luck with betting on..... golf lol. Fairly easy to pick those with super strong chances to finish top ten every time. With a bit of luck and smart spreading of your bets across those players; break even is about the worse that's happened to me thus far with crazy upside. (Ex. The...
  13. James Fend

    If you import from China, this may be relevant.

    At the end of the day; no matter what party or perspective.. this hurts everybody. But most importantly, the brunt of it WILL fall on consumers,.. which is just another small invisible dot that lines up to a bigger picture... a reset.. aka a global recession. Things way out of balance...
  14. James Fend

    EXECUTION Startup #5: VR Space

    Estimated Time To Launch: Completed App Wireframe: ~100 hours Developing Wireframe To Work: ~40 hours Homepages: ~80 hours (includes blog, static pages, community, etc. etc.) Video Content: ~100 hours or more Timeline: 1. Now to June: Wireframe and Homepages 2. June to July: Outsource...
  15. James Fend

    EXECUTION Startup #5: VR Space

    Thanks for the tip! And I'm looking forward to your app!
  16. James Fend

    EXECUTION Startup #5: VR Space

    Marketing: Many people building SaaS apps think Build Product and that's all, but in reality, one should think about marketing more and start building the pieces and foundations as soon as the app is being built. This is often what decides successful traction or no/super slow traction when...
  17. James Fend

    EXECUTION Startup #5: VR Space

    So what I like to do first is brain dump every single thing into paper. I use a notepad on my phone and anytime anything comes up about this idea (marketing, app, users, etc.) I jot it down.. usually while showering or driving is when the best ideas come. Wireframe: With that above said, I...
  18. James Fend

    EXECUTION Startup #5: VR Space

    Hey Fastlaners, So I normally don't create my progress threads until I launch to market with a working product and then talk about the progress and things I had to accomplish afterwards. However, this time, I want to switch things up. I'm going to post small note posts DURING my execution of...
  19. James Fend

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2018-2019?)

    Honestly, it's purely knowing the basic human psychology and what drives us. My only tip on reading market is: Observe what people DO, and not what they SAY. What creates the movements in stocks? Human behavior. What drives human behavior? Emotion. One thing about humans is that we are the...
  20. James Fend

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2018-2019?)

    Even prior to this trade ordeal thing... a lot of underlying dots imo were lining up really well for reduced consumer spending in Q3, disappointing upcoming Q4. From a psychology standpoint; "greed" and "euphoria" of the general population was at about the levels at which the last leg of...
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