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  1. whiz

    EXECUTION Starting Local Lead Gen Business

    Not too interested in going through Google's policy right now, but a huge benefit of the "lead gen site" model is putting your own credit card on the account. Once you scale, you might be spending 5 or 6 figures per month on ads... with a 2-3% cashback card or a card with good flyer miles...
  2. whiz

    EXECUTION Starting Local Lead Gen Business

    The argument against the pay-per-lead model was that you'd end up arguing over what's a lead and what isn't. Of course, you can set clear definitions when you go into agreement with your clients - but it might be hard to make them feel comfortable with the inherent risk that not every lead is...
  3. whiz

    Deliver Value Upfront

    Just coming back to this thread to say that I agree 2-3 hours is a long time - I exaggerated Shouldn't really be talking specifics anyway because every scenario/case is different I'm gonna come back to this thread with a more accurate view next week
  4. whiz

    MEETUPS Opinion on this network marketing opportunity?

    Stop MLM schemes from draining your friends dry. Top thread has a list of 290183109283 MLMs Chances are your "friend's" company is on this list If not, it will be F*ck MLM Provide value
  5. whiz

    Deliver Value Upfront

    I used to do things like that but I would get a low response/interest rate Maybe I was doing it wrong I find that making a nice lil video or a mockup and sending them a message/email with a screenshot that has their branding works great This is for basic web services (web design, web...
  6. whiz

    Deliver Value Upfront

    This might be obvious for a lot of the members here, but it's one that took me a while to truly understand and internalize. If you are doing outbound/reach marketing, you HAVE to deliver value upfront. Unless your offer/value proposition is absolutely insane, there is no other way. You must...
  7. whiz

    RANT A week of work down the drain...

    This thread derailed quickly My thoughts 1) So you "lost" a week of time. Big deal - be prepared to have let-downs far beyond your wildest imagination. The more you prospect, the more you'll realize that people's wishy-washyness is the default. You have to work real hard to refine your...
  8. whiz

    Should I worry about getting crushed?

    Both your businesses are just ideas now Pick the one that's easiest to turn into a reality Take your Minimum Viable Product and get one sale Get more sales Gain a ton of business insights from the easier idea Then tackle the bigger idea with your newfound biz skills Or you might find that...
  9. whiz

    WEB SCHOOL Fox's 2019 Make $100k Starting Web Design from Scratch Challenge

    Thanks for this thread @Fox Nice beard btw What are you using to make your sites?
  10. whiz


    For some reason, out of all the posts in this thread, my crackhead joke really got to him I have my theories Message from @HUSTLIN HEATHEN in my inbox Not really the behavior I'd expect from someone doing $1k ecommerce days Totally the behavior I'd expect from someone doing hits (possibly...
  11. whiz

    Don't know how to start? Here's something you can do in 5-10 min

    You have to take it step by step It's like learning anything else math language sports martial arts You don't become a master right away - so don't expect to make a Fortune 500 company on your first try Just get out there and learn You can read a book about how to hike Or you can just go...
  12. whiz

    Help a struggling Wantraprenuer.

    Stop Building Stuff NOTABLE! - Perfectionism is a plague, introducing Johnny Neverstart! Read and reread and get to work
  13. whiz

    Don't know how to start? Here's something you can do in 5-10 min

    Read the post - it's not about trying to build some super big businesses Just get your feet wet and do something for someone
  14. whiz

    What do you think of my logo?

    I'm joking Just poking fun at how the best answers in this thread were the least addressed
  15. whiz

    BOOK Can I criticize (or hate) a book I haven't read entirely?

    Give it a fair read and if it doesn't work out, then be realistic and say something like "Disclaimer: I only read 4 chapters but the writing tone just didn't work for me" Instead of "That book sucks" Nothing wrong with judging if you're honest about what material you're basing your opinion...
  16. whiz

    What do you think of my logo?

    This thread: All helpful, realistic answers = ignored or answered in roundabout way All other answers = "Thanks!"
  17. whiz

    What do you think of my logo?

    Honestly you've already overthunk this x98712938 The logo is not what's gonna make or break the biz I bet 99% of logos just die on someones desktop To make logos I literally just type in the letters in photoshop and select a font and F*ck around with it Here you go - this logo will do - it's...
  18. whiz

    INTRO+ Almost 40 and angry

    Yeah man just stick around the forum, educate yourself and work on your plan Look at your skill set and work the angles You'll get there Don't be angry be passionate
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