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  1. Argue

    What books are you reading currently?

    The Obstacle is the Way The Art of Thinking Clearly
  2. Argue

    Redesign of a Ferrari product page. My first time writing Ad copy. I impressed myself. Thoughts?

    I like the copy, not the design. Great job on putting what you learned into action!
  3. Argue

    O/T: HEALTH Caffeine can kill your productivity!

    Just read this morning that coffee in the morning is bad for you because something about cortisol. I’m paraphrasing here but it’s best to drink coffee between 12 PM - 5 PM. Morning joe basically inhibits cortisol (in the early morning). My question is, if coffee is kinda bad, what’s an...
  4. Argue

    How to Recreate an Elite Ivy-League MBA Education at Home

    Bump. Scott Young is an amazing human being. Reading some stuff from his blog and applying it to my life. Once I get more free time, I’m going to execute a self taught MBA :smile:
  5. Argue

    RANT Job finding

    I’m happy for you bro, keep going.
  6. Argue

    A Comprehensive Guide To Learning Web Development

    My favorite websites to learn HTML & CSS: + +
  7. Argue

    NOTABLE! [Progress] Sanctus Nutrition - Supplement Company (and first real entrepreneurial pursuit)

    @Xolorr, thank you. I appreciate the feedback. :praise:
  8. Argue

    Lost... about to be homeless.

    @404profound, I found this: Employment Agencies l Employment Agency | Northern Virginia
  9. Argue

    Lost... about to be homeless.

    Get a job asap.
  10. Argue

    OFF-TOPIC Does the music you listen to affect your enteripenural efforts?

    I’m from New York baby, I LOVE hip hop, rap, and r&b. I look at rap etc like affiliate marketers dominating a niche (cars, sex, getting girls, drugs, etc).
  11. Argue

    INTRO Probably the youngest guy here

    Hey @Untamed_fast, Read this thread, it’s inspiring: GOLD! - 6 Figures At 18! 1 Year of The Fastlane Forum Welcome to the forum.
  12. Argue

    printing highly customised apparel

    I’m no expert, I know nothing but maybe @Walter Hay can help.
  13. Argue

    FEATURED! Author spent 5 years interviewing 177 selfmade millionaires to find their secrets. Findings inside.

    Cliche but this forum is my mentor. I learned so much during my stay. Still learning, too.
  14. Argue

    OFF-TOPIC Does anyone know their IQ?

    I’m an idiot. Oh well. Lmao, screw IQ, any books on how to rock the boat. :rofl:;) My HW is over 9000 Edit: @Spicymemer45 thanks for the reps, you know where I’m coming from. Real recognize real xD
  15. Argue

    FEATURED! Author spent 5 years interviewing 177 selfmade millionaires to find their secrets. Findings inside.

    Ah this is perfect. Great description of the sidewalk, slow lane, and fast lane methodologies.
  16. Argue

    Fastlane the Movie!

    Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Forrest Gump Pursuit of Happyness The Founder
  17. Argue

    Best Books?

    This thread has the best books, highly recommend: The Ultimate Guide On What Books To Read
  18. Argue

    LANDFILL Who here is actually a millionaire?

    How much money do you invest? How many years does it take for your money to grow? How fast did it take you to become a millionaire? How do you know this method will make you a millionaire fast? Any examples?
  19. Argue

    Recommend me some books to learn how to make a web site

    Hey @Lisandro, I highly recommend this book: Good luck! :-)
  20. Argue

    O/T: HEALTH What supplements do you take?

    I used to take fish oil but stopped because I didn’t feel any effect. The only thing that gives me a boost is coffee or beer. Not healthy choices tho.
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