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  1. YoungPadawan

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    What does mostly determine if a person will be successful? Edit: oops, nevermind. Just read your message further down the page.
  2. YoungPadawan

    The #1 Book You Need to Read If You Want to Retire Early

    Congrats MJ! Its about time the world sees what a life changing book TMF is.
  3. YoungPadawan

    INTRO I'm going to be honest... I really don't care.

    Well, that was interesting while it lasted...
  4. YoungPadawan

    Competing with MASSIVE Companies, Possible?

    I'm putting this on a poster and putting it in my house. Great stuff as always, Walter.
  5. YoungPadawan

    Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started (seriously)

    Why did your mushroom farm fail?
  6. YoungPadawan

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    “I never felt the need of scientific knowledge, have never felt it. A young man who wants to succeed in business does not require chemistry or physics. He can always hire scientists.” John D. Rockefeller
  7. YoungPadawan

    Lots of new faces here since I was active. What's your why?

    My why is to firstly, pay off all of my parents farm debt so that they can live comfortably in their retirement. I want my freedom and to be done with the 9 to 5. When I have finally achieved my freedom, I want to build something that lasts long after I'm gone and that helps as many people as...
  8. YoungPadawan

    Just bought a house for $9,000...

    Yep, I bought some asbestos kits on Amazon to do some testing. As for the paint, particularly on the floor, I'll probably just paint over it and not sand it just in case of lead paint. Definately a smart thing to test!
  9. YoungPadawan

    NOTABLE! The biggest lie that you believed for most of your life?

    That great things in the world were made by special kinds of people. The truth is, great things were created in this world by people no smarter than you or me. "Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent...
  10. YoungPadawan

    Just bought a house for $9,000...

    Home renovation/construction hack: If you only need equipment or tools temporarily, buy used tools off of Ebay. That way, their value won't depreciate (compared with buying new). Then, when you are finished, simply list the tools on Ebay again for the same price you bought them for. Renting...
  11. YoungPadawan

    How do you become a happy person?

    Alright, first things first, find steady employment. Now, I know exactly how you feel because I've been in that same situation for many years. My life was a continuous existential crisis. I would bounce from one idea to the next and I really was searching hard to find happiness or something...
  12. YoungPadawan

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    Ray Kroc's name wasn't McDonald.
  13. YoungPadawan

    RANT Caught Between A Rock And...

    Get a moped. Cheap to fix and run. High mpg. Cheap insurance. You can buy a cheap tao tao online for like 800 bucks. Or get a gas powered bicycle. I bought a bike and engine kit on Amazon for $270 and it goes 30+ mph and gets 70+ mpg and requires no insurance.
  14. YoungPadawan

    How much $$$ would you need to significantly change your lifestyle?

    I would be between tier 1 and 2. I am a man with simple needs, the thing that I want mostly is to get out of the bitterly cold Northern U.S. winters. Perhaps getting a second home in Arizona.
  15. YoungPadawan

    Transportation Maps - Rail and Ship

    This past summer, I got to take a good look at the barge loading facilities of some of the agricultural big boys (Cargill, ADM) and watch grain and fertilizer be loaded onto the barges and watch as the seemingly-tiny pushboat pushed the barges. It's really a sight to see. If sales are king...
  16. YoungPadawan

    OFF-TOPIC The "Did You Know?" Thread...

    The mitochondria is the PowerHouse of the cell.
  17. YoungPadawan

    Transportation Maps - Rail and Ship

    Good stuff! I was just looking at this kind of stuff earlier today. I may be using the inland waterways for an upcoming project. (Grain transportation)
  18. YoungPadawan

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    The biography of John D. Rockefeller.
  19. YoungPadawan

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    Well, lately I haven't really been following it because my current job is pretty physically intense, so I don't need to workout. lol But when I was following it, I would follow it for a few months, and then get lazy and stop for a while, and then pretty much just pick up where I was last. I...
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