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  1. kelvinfernandezm

    Coffee and Cacao Import Business

    Yes I was thinking about the taste not been so important. There's only a handful of die hard coffee aficionados. In fact most people are so used to cheap coffee from gas stations that they don't even know how a nicely roasted coffee tastes like. Of course I'll still put work into the taste...
  2. kelvinfernandezm

    Coffee and Cacao Import Business

    Thank you for your feedback. Yes that's basically it. But is the story more important than the product? Once I get the coffee here I'll send you some.
  3. kelvinfernandezm

    Coffee and Cacao Import Business

    It might be the direct relationship with the farmer. I mean think about it. Nobody ever thinks about these farmers. They plaster them on the packages but that's about it. So what if you show them their life story and why they grow coffee. But even for all my good intentions I don't know if...
  4. kelvinfernandezm

    Coffee and Cacao Import Business

    Yes I want to do all that here are the steps. 1. Bring coffee from central America to the USA. 2. Since coffee is a commodity meaning its cheaply available everywhere there would be more profits if I sold premium coffee to high end restaurants or cafe's. 3. Yes, later down the line once I get...
  5. kelvinfernandezm

    Coffee and Cacao Import Business

    Yeah I will definitely follow that marketing strategy. What I just learned is that coffee has so much marketing strategies that companies use. I guess when something is commoditized you have to come up with better angles to sell your product.
  6. kelvinfernandezm

    Coffee and Cacao Import Business

    Yes, I was definitely thinking of doing that. Load up on go pros, and document the whole thing. Maybe give the growers a go pro to wear for a day and turn it into a video.
  7. kelvinfernandezm

    Coffee and Cacao Import Business

    I need your advice, ideas, and knowledge in the import/export business. Long story short I have family in Central America. My parents are starting a coffee and cacao plantation over there. And I have an uncle that already has a coffee plantation. He has 2 tons of coffee sitting in his...
  8. kelvinfernandezm

    What makes a good sales website?

    I have a question for you. What makes a good sales website? What components do I need to make the best sales website? I know I need good copy. It must be responsive for different devices. I'll need SEO. And also a good UXI. Is there anything I'm missing? Thank you for your inputs.
  9. kelvinfernandezm

    MEETUPS Dallas....are you in here?!

    I would had loved to be there. But it's during my scheduled work hours. Let me know next time you guys meet upl. People don't trust each other anymore because we have all been divided. Communities have been broken up. I know it's not PC to say this but people feel more comfortable with their...
  10. kelvinfernandezm


    Here's some ideas because I was just in this situation a year ago. First of all you are telling us your side of the story. I don't think any parent is so unreasonable that they would just kick you out for no reason at all. If you're still living with your parents past 18 you have to pull your...
  11. kelvinfernandezm

    NOTABLE! I bought my first rental property. Here’s how I did it and what I learned.

    Yes it is. I'll do a progress thread once I start the process.
  12. kelvinfernandezm

    NOTABLE! I bought my first rental property. Here’s how I did it and what I learned.

    I'm in the saving up money for it stage. My next step is applying for the FHA loan.
  13. kelvinfernandezm

    My Business Idea Generate $1500-2000 Month Help Needed

    Proffesors can usually tell when a student turns in work made by someone else. Everybody has their own writing style. Even though proffesors have hundreds of students they can tell right away just from experience alone. How about instead of writing the entire essay you give them a quick...
  14. kelvinfernandezm

    Mail-In VHS "Box-O-Tapes" Business Idea

    This might have potential. I was reading a book about Walmart and some people were saying how Walmart was taking customers from a local paint store. Than they went over to the local paint store to interview the owner and he said that Walmart actually brought them more business. Whenever a...
  15. kelvinfernandezm

    EXECUTION Free Copy Writing

    No problem happy to help.
  16. kelvinfernandezm

    EXECUTION Free Copy Writing

    Ok offer for one free copy writing has been take up by Issac oh. Offer it's currently closed. PM me for my contact information so we can start working on it right away.
  17. kelvinfernandezm

    EXECUTION Free Copy Writing

    That's right the first person that replies to this thread that needs copy written for them I will do it for FREE. I'm working on Lex DeVille 15 Days To Freedom Challenge. GOLD! - Lex DeVille's: 15 Days to Freedom - Make Money Copywriting in 15 Days or Less The first day challenge is to help...
  18. kelvinfernandezm

    Climate Change is the #1 Problem the World Faces

    Climate change is such a broad term. The climate has always been changing. The earth has gone from been molten to been completely frozen. There's nothing new under the sun. Now the new "carbon tax" will just be another money making scheme from our overlords. But I do like green technologies...
  19. kelvinfernandezm

    RANT I'm 31 years old with $5 in my account

    I know there's a lot of hate for social media agencies but people are in need of them. Would you be willing to start one? Maybe with a partner?
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