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  1. Paolo Rizzo

    900K In Sales. Need Help With Marketing

    Yeah no doubt, social proof can really help. That's why a lot of Facebook advertisers will get cheap likes and comments from third world countries and then start advertising to their target market in the west.
  2. Paolo Rizzo

    900K In Sales. Need Help With Marketing

    Yep. Likes are vanity metrics, and mean nothing when it comes to increasing revenues and profit.
  3. Paolo Rizzo

    900K In Sales. Need Help With Marketing

    It's very difficult to come up with an effective strategy without seeing your website and your ads that aren't working. For example have you been targeting the same audience on Facebook since you started? Have you changed ad copy, pictures, placements etc? The more information you can give will...
  4. Paolo Rizzo

    NOTABLE! I bought my first rental property. Here’s how I did it and what I learned.

    Hol Holy shit. That yield is insane. I'd love to get into real estate but the prices are so expensive in London for the rent you get it's not worth it in terms of cash flow, only capital appreciation.
  5. Paolo Rizzo

    Only one life to live - Image from Reddit

    Amen. This is what the majority of young people in western societies need, more adversity, not less.
  6. Paolo Rizzo

    NOTABLE! Perfectionism is a plague, introducing Johnny Neverstart!

    I recently met James Clear at a book signing, he said exactly this. His advice was " you have to give yourself permission to put out junk at first, knowing that if you consistently put in the work, it will get better"
  7. Paolo Rizzo

    Getting the first sales Million Dollar website

    My Advice, drop this idea and read the millionaire fastlane. This idea worked because in 2005 it was novel and many people hadn't had years of the internet. I doubt it would work now. You're focusing on what you need, you should be focusing on how you can help others first and what value you...
  8. Paolo Rizzo

    Lets grow Instagram accounts together

    Why don't you get those large accounts to shout out your Instagram handle? That will give you far better reach than a miniscule engagement pod.
  9. Paolo Rizzo

    Too many Options -> Decision Paralysis

    Ah yes, when I joined the forum I went through the same thing. It's far easier to find a problem and then create a business around a solution to that problem, than just coming up with ideas. If you don't know of any problems, start taking action on the business models that not only have a need...
  10. Paolo Rizzo

    What bad habits have you broken?

    You're right, I've never thought of it like that before.
  11. Paolo Rizzo

    What bad habits have you broken?

    First to go was smoking for me. Followed by drugs, video games and hitting the snooze button. I'm on about day 55 for no porn. Well worth it in my opinion. I'm still working on my hardest ones to crack which is procrastination and chocolate/desserts which I've cut down a lot but still get...
  12. Paolo Rizzo

    MEETUPS 2019 Fastlane Summit - Announcement

    This is a shame, but your reasons are completely valid and on the money. All we can do now as a collective is contribute, take as much action as possible and make this community so good that a summit happening is inevitable.
  13. Paolo Rizzo

    You Can Die Today Wasting Time on BullSht

    While I think it's true you could be doing a lot more like @amp0193 has pointed out. Maybe you just haven't found a business model that interested you. I went through this a lot and it's taken me years to work out where my interests align. I tried dropshipping , Amazon FBA , e-commerce ...
  14. Paolo Rizzo

    Anyone else had a shittty/mediocre experience when getting design or creative work done?

    So why does this keep happening to a huge amount of people getting creative work done? Is it the design briefs? The brand message? The reference materials? The designers or creatives? Is there is a gap for a platform to get better results for the designers and the customer than we currently...
  15. Paolo Rizzo

    How I (didn't) become a millionaire at 19

    Inspiring story! So what are you doing now Chris? I'm trying to follow your projects but all of your websites/businesses just go to a blank page?
  16. Paolo Rizzo

    Anyone else had a shittty/mediocre experience when getting design or creative work done?

    Well I think speaking good English is a must. I also think being able to vet their portfolio before they are admitted to a site. And allow them to communicate in their chosen way to get the best results, not just a standardised brief they have to follow. Did you have to spend money on those...
  17. Paolo Rizzo

    The Next Instagram – Social Network For Stories

    Many apps aren’t ‘needed’ but they gain popularity because they are entertaining. I personally don’t think a new app about stories is needed at all, I was just trying to help out with ideas.
  18. Paolo Rizzo

    Anyone else had a shittty/mediocre experience when getting design or creative work done?

    Yes I agree. The problem is the contest sites are hugely weighted in favour of the consumer not the designer. I think there could be a gap for company which provides great design to the consumer, and fair prices to the designer.
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